[Solved] Toolset / DlgEditor: Exchange Script Template (1.69)


Is it possible to exchange the script-template which is used, if I start to edit a new script to dertermine if the dialogue line is shown or not.

Instead of making a new script, enter the name of an existing conditional script. That will serve as your template. Use the edit button. Before changing anything, use the Save As button to give the script a new name.

Right! That’s what I do … if I can recall the name of a similar script, that is … One could even create a special template scipt with a very short name or an edtor template.

But this doesn’t answer the question. Is the default scipt hardcoded, or could it be changed somewhere?

both. if you edit a script distributed by bioware and save it without renaming it, the toolset will create an exact copy of the original script, plus your changes, and save it w/an identical name in your module. however, the original script will still be available to other modules as no changes will have been made to it.

[aside] be aware that if you want to modify a bioware script for your module, and you haven’t entered the editor the way proleric describes above, you need to first click the ‘all resources’ radio button in the lower-left of the file-open dialogue in order for the file to appear and be selectable.

Hi and thanks for your answer.

But no Sir, I’m not talking about any xy script which comes with a package. I’m talking about the template which comes into use when entering a new condition for a dialogue line.

To be more precise, it’s this one:

int StartingConditional()
int iResult;

return iResult;


To answer my question: It’s hardcoded in the toolset.exe. It can be easily changed by everybody who knows how to handle a hex editor.

I did so and now I’m waiting for the side effects … :smile:

vg, MM

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