[SOLVED] Weird animation loop

In the module I’m working on now I use https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn2/script/kemo-custom-animations-v2
Something strange happened when I worked on this the other day. The characters are supposed to sit down. It has always worked before, but now when adding more characters in the scene, two of them don’t manage to sit down, but there’s instead a loop of them trying to sit down (up and down, up and down). What could be the cause of this? Does the ground have to be really even or is it something else that might cause this? These scripts are run from a conversation by the way. I’m wondering if I have to use clearallactions or something along the line, but I don’t know…
Here is a picture of where the characters sit (and in this picture they are actually sitting at the moment):!

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Ok. I managed to solve it. I made sure I didn’t run two scripts in the node where they sat down, and I again baked the area, plus I moved the barrel and bags a tiny bit, and now everything seems to be working.


Hi andgalf,

I am beginning to realise that nearby objects can play havoc with animations … or they just sat on a thorny thistle! :wink:

Cheers, Lance.


Hehe. Yes, you’re probably right, or I maybe I had just forgot to bake in the first place (though I don’t think so).

Every time I forgot to bake an area, NWN2 crashed, so I’m quite sure you didn’t forget to do it. Too many placeables nearby, or other NPC too close, is more likely to explain why they couldn’t stay seated.