Some help to convert a gmax model into a NWN1 placeable, please

Hello guys!
I need to convert a gmax model to make a new plc to my module, but I could not do it by my own, cause my NWMAX won´t help me out. By all the nine hells!:sob:. That´d be a simple thing, but I can´t do it with my crashy GMAX. So, if you can give me a hand with that plc, plz, lemme know.

Txs a lot. :smiley:

That may well because you are using NWMax which is for 3ds max. What you need is NWgMax Plus which is for gMax.


Is there a way to remove it? I mean, should I just delete the NWMAX folder from GMAX then install that NWgMax Plus? How does the installation works? Should I just place it into the Gmax /scripts folder?

Can you export this object in some common format, like .obj + .mtl (material files)?
If so, I could help you to convert it into .mdl, using Blender.

BTW: I recommend Blender as modelling program, it’s free, the export-import utilities are still supported and upgraded, but then, I’m Blender fan and somewhat biased :wink:
You can find some links in this thread:

I just attempted to edit a model by my own, but, man…that´s alien to me! lol.
So…I got three files to you take a look.
One of them is a blender model, but it´s a very complex one. I believe that one of those low poly models that I found would be easier to make that placeable.
You can just msg me to, plz so I´ll send you all the files that I have ok!

Thanks a lot for help!