Some help with iOS

Ok, so Santa in the form of my good lady, has decided in her infinite wisdom that I’ve waited long enough for my Christmas present ( possibly due to the increasingly tortuous way I have to get my knees going in the morning and the likelihood of me not lasting till the 25th?)

Anyway, it arrived today and, sadly, my first thought was whether it was possible to get NWN for it. Sure enough it was on the App Store at around £9 I think. However, although I’m pretty good with all things Mac I’m less so with the iPad so if anyone has one with EE on it could you possibly help me out with these questions?

  1. Is the game playable/worth playing on an iPad? It’s a new M1 chip iPad air.

  2. Do you get access to the curated modules? I read somewhere about a store within the game?

  3. My real hope is that you can find a way to import custom modules with required projects from the vault. Does anyone have any experience of this? I’m guessing it’d be a download to my iMac first then syncing the files over to the iPad but just not sure.

I seem to vaguely remember @Proleric talking about this at some point but can’t find anything on it through search.

Thanks in advance.

My experience is with Android, but I understand iPad works just as well.

Custom modules are fine - apparently

Thanks, Proleric. I’m kinda needing my hand held on this one in the form of step by step ! :grinning: I’ve had previous experience of trying to move things onto iPad and it weren’t no fun . . . !

Does this mean I download all the required assets and put them loose in the files folder?

I’ve also posted on Steam and Beamdog forums with the request/suggestion for a detailed list of steps from Beamdog themselves. That couldn’t possibly take long ( 10 minutes?) and might have been a good move when they first brought the IOS version out.

I’m looking forward to trying it. I’ve downloaded a couple of the “free” rpgs on the App store and after 5 minutes play they look and play pretty well .

@JuliusBorisov has replied with two Reddit threads which I will try. If it works might make short video as I’m sure some others may wish to try it.

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