Some question about 2da(Closed)

Many thanks!
Thanks in advance for your time and
any advice.
Hi all.
i created teleport spell.

I finally found the answers to my questions.
now I will try to create different spells.
I will publish my content (if I create anything else).

ready content.
teleport spell (I’ll post soon)

Thanks in advance for your time and
any advice.

I have teleporting devices in my Silverwand Sundry Items you can look at the scripts of. Be aware though that because of the heavy use of triggers as plot devices, teleportation is not as good as it sounds.



I’m Sorry, you don’t understand me.
it looks like you did not read carefully
my suggestions and probably did not even watch the video and therefore did not understand me.
also I do not use any triggers or waypoints.
Well I’m sorry I can’t speak English as well as I would like.

I don’t need help with this script.
I have already made a script.

I am asking about how to create my spell
so that others can use it easily.

what I mean
i have other different questions

  • what else do i need to do before publishing?
  • what 2Da can I use to spell?
  • How to make a new spell available
  • for all spellcasters?
  • what should I do to make my new spell available at a certain level?
  • Also, maybe someone knows what the effect is used when Ammon jerro used to teleport?

what should be in the archive that I publish?

  • I suppose
  • spell script
  • spell icon
  • 2Da file
  • something else?

I hope that someone will read the text carefully and then give me specific answers to the questions.
Sorry for my english

You misunderstood what I said. The NWN2 game itself relies heavily on the placement of triggers. Many modules made by the community do the same. Teleportation allows someone to bypass triggers and therefore may break the game. It is a nice thing to see but it can break games. Since you have an interest in teleportation I am just sharing with you the scripts that I used to do something similar.


.xD it’s OKAY/ i’m good.
"Teleportation allows someone to bypass triggers and therefore may break the game. "
it’s not problem.
i can add simple check allows use teleport only as battle spell .
maybe later i add this for players .But i don’t need this.