Some very simple questions

I have some very simple questions that although I’m playing the game for many years now I still don’t have definite answers to them.

  1. how to buy a large quantity of a stackable items from a shop in one go ( buying 10 bottles of

potion of cure light wounds at once instead of buying 10 times 1 bottle)?

2.when a spell says 1hour/level (or 1 turn or round) does it mean the total level or only the

levels in the class that allows this casting? (wizard4/fighter12 does (for example) mage armor

last for 4 hours or 16)?

3.When a rogue with UMD uses a 1hour/level (or 1 turn or round) how long does it last if lets

say he’s a level 10 pure rogue? and how long will it last if he’s wizard4/rogue10?

4.If a weapon has less enhancement vs. a specific group then it’s total enhancement, when

fighting the specific group what will it do? (it’s possible to enhance (by Rizolvir for example) a

long sword that has a +3 vs. undead to a +10 bonus enhancement, what damage will it do vs.

unded then ? +3 or +10 ? BG2 (maybe even in BG1 but I don’t remember) you could command a henchman to guard a specific position meaning that he will stand there and attack any enemy approaching , can this command be given in NWN ?

  1. Is there a way (even by script if it’s the only way) to cause ALL classes of PCs to auto retaliate when attacked? a fighter will not, if you don’t order him to attack he will just stand there and let the enemy kill him other classes will retaliate but most will not.

As I’ve said what I’m looking for are definitive answers (yes, no, impossible etc.) and how?

A: 1) The store needs to be edited in the Toolset and stacked consumables added to it. You open the store’s inventory in the toolset, add the stacked item then edit it’s stacked size in the items properties. If you are playing a premade module you’re have to edit and save it yourself. If you are experiencing this on a PW, take it up with the Host/Builder.

A: 2) Spell duration (and damage output) are controlled by your caster level. A Wiz 4/Ftr 12 has a “caster level” of “4”. So your mage armor would last 4 hours in game time. Durations that are set as “rounds” equal 6 seconds per level in real time.

A: 3) UMD only determines if the rogue can successfully use the item. The caster level is set by the item’s property. Scrolls, potions, etc… list what their effective caster levels are in the description.

A: 4) A weapon that has a +10 enchantment and a +3 enchantment vs Undead is just a +10 weapon. The highest amount is in effect and enchantments do not stack. If you wish to make a sword that is better vs undead then giving it a +3 enchantment and +10 vs undead would be the way. Then it would be +3 vs most creatures and increase to 10 vs undead.

A: 5) Yes … No … Maybe. Any number of behaviors can be scripted. Henchman conversations would likely have to be changed or remade. If you are mostly playing single player modules, including Bioware Campaigns, there are henchman AIs you can add as overrides I believe.

In general, all of your questions beg another from "us here. Where is it you wish all these things implemented? Are you wanting them all available in modules you’ve downloaded to play? Are you designing your own? Are these issues you’ve found playing online in a PW?

kalbaern thanks very much for taking the time to answer my questions.

  1. about the stores, I asked about a general quantity (say, I want to buy 97 pieces of something or 65 or any quantity greater then 1) I know about the fixed greater stacks like the shopkeeper in Pretty Good Character Creator has but that’s not what I was asking about.
    2, 3, 4, 5, your answers were as I expected, I just wanted to be sure I’m right.
    You did not answer #6 and that’s the one I was most interested in. I’ll give you an example of what I was asking, recently when replaying HotU in Drearing’s Deep Cult temple I decided to “farm” 2 levels by killing the cult elder monk and not stake her but let her resurrect herself and attack again, well when I played with a cleric/AA when she attacked he always retaliated but with a pure fighter he just stood there and did absolutely nothing until I gave him the attack order. Any way many thanks for taking the time to answer me (I always play ONLY single player games, I have never played a MP game except to play some MP games in single player mode).

In regards to buying exact quantities, there could be scripted work arounds using special NPC merchants that react to a typed ChatBar command, but the amount of time and effort to add them into every SP Module you play simply is not worth it. You are pretty much stuck with having to choose from preset stacks of items in a merchant.

I assumed that 5 and 6 were both part of a bigger question and answered as such. I know there are Henchman Systems on the Vault here. I haven’t used any of them myself as I primarily work on PW modules. Tony K’s henchman AIs have always been the most highly touted and several versions exist. Perhaps someone more familiar with them will chime in and recommend a specific one.

Thanks kalbaern.