Somebody take the shaft

Here’s a puzzle I never managed to solve: how can one craft ammo? There are no molds for them as far as I’ve seen, and there aren’t any instructions on any recipes I found, so I’ve no idea how to craft ammo, even though the game says you can.

You need the mod TCC the complete craftsman reboot by Vanderverken to craft ammo.

I cannot speak for all games, but I checked my own module (The Scroll) and it appears you can “craft” ammo (arrows, bolts and bullets), using recipes. I did some overhauling of the crafting systems with NWN2, and amalgamated the systems. However, as far as I recall, I don’t think I added them … so they must still be available within the OC.

Just to be clear, they are “crafted” via using “recipes” … and not via molds etc.

Cheers, Lance.

Kaedrin’s PRC pack adds molds for OC-style crafted ammo. I’m pretty sure SoZ added ammo crafting via its recipe-style crafting. I know the OC Makeover added ammo crafting via recipe also.

Well I did say I haven’t come across a single recipe that tells me how to craft arrows, and the crafting guide on GameFaqs doesn’t have ammo on it.

Dishonor on the OC for telling us we could when we couldn’t… It’s like the whip thing.

The OC Makeover allows the items that craftable in SoZ using recipes to be crafted in the OC as well as fixing several that were buggy.

A number of additional items that were intended to be craftable in SoZ but were not due to bugs and/or missing recipes or items can also be crafted. These include:

  • Acid Bomb
  • Fire Bomb
  • Bracers of Armor +4
  • Gauntlets of Dexterity +2
  • Adamantine Breastplate
  • Poison Bolts
  • Darksteel Darts
  • Darksteel Shuriken
  • Darksteel Throwing Axes
  • Cold Iron Halberd
  • Darksteel Halberd
  • Adamantine Scythe
  • Cold Iron Scythe
  • Darksteel Scythe
  • Mithral Scythe
  • Silver Scythe

Fixed crafted items include:

  • Adamantine arrows (added magical +2 damage)
  • Adamantine bolts (added magical +2 damage)
  • Poison arrows
  • Mild poison arrows

I swear, adamantine ammo seems like a huge waste of adamantine.