Something Gone Very Wrong (RESOLVED!)

Hi All,

For some reason, edits to my module are not working as expected and I do not know how or when this started happening.

Debug lines commented out in the code are still showing up in a brand new game. Colour changes are not showing up.

Has anyone seen this sort of thing before?

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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Are you sure you are not running the same “saved” module as the one you last edited ?



Thanks for responding.

I thought it was this as well, but it was not (as I have been having to swap modules around while doing testing and fixing) … BUT, I also have some good news, as I managed to find the duplication debug code in the end.

What had happened was I have a very deep constants include file and it had obviously not been compiled (I had added a colour constant), and so another also quite deep include file had also not been updated … After I recompiled the first file (and even tried copying all areas to a new campaign in my tests), I eventually did another search for the debug text and now it showed me the text in the second include that had failed to return anything in a search the first time.

I have not tested this yet, but I am reasonably confidant this is where the issue ended up being … I have never felt so “sick” in a long while when I thought the worst. I will report back shortly with confirmation, but I am really hoping this is it … back in a bit.

CONFIRMED! A “bad” non-compiled include had impacted another include, which in turn broke the search I was doing. I thought I was going bonkers! Anyway, thankfully, it’s all good again … thank you!

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