"Something is behind this Door"

Is there some way to suppress this AI behavior? My party members are running off in seperate directions through the dungeon to report that there are things in rooms. Also, how do they know anyway? Is it a Listen check, or something to do with the tracking skill? Thanks.

It’s in the AI beceause they detect someone with GetIsEnnemy.

I solved the problem by making them hostile when you actually open the door. Beceause the guys behind the door are also running crazy.


It’s annoying isn’t it ! I’ve used spawns right by doors to overcome this issue too. Some of my baddies have actually broken down doors !

Everybody’s kill crazy, I know they’re set as hostile but they all behave like psycho killers !


The behavior comes from listen checks by AI in the main combat script and the heartbeat scripts. Removing the listen checks degrades the AI in other situations. I have noticed that requesting buffing or healing for party members seems to increase the chances hearing the enemies since they go into more of a combat mode. Also, because there is no easy way to get the layout for pathfinding to the enemy, they have to try to open the door to get the AI event to tell them that the door is blocking.