Soul Shaker (v2.01) - New Update Available!

Hi All,

Download Soul Shaker (v2.01) : Now Available!

UPDATE: Version 2.01 is now available. It improves the AI of alerted aggressors. They now continue to track down the PC if the alarm is sounding.

For those already playing v2.00, simply download and replace the v2.00 > v2.01 Patch file. It works with saved games.

My wife has now finished playing Soul Shaker (v2.00) for a second time and have done so once. Therefore, this revamped version 2.00 looks good to go.

I have either rewritten core files or removed superfluous code to do with databases, which means the whole experience should be more straightforward for players. I have even reduced the module to requiring only two haks, one which acts as the Patch hak should it be required.

If you have any comments or questions, please ask them here, and I will address them as quickly as possible.

Many Thanks, Lance.