SOZ battle xp

It seems that somehow xp gain is capped to 100 per enemy, regardless of how high the enemy CR is. I cannot find this setting in any script, but it has to exist somewhere… has anyone been able to crack this?


I don’t know what you should set things to but there are a lot of xp things in the campaign properties. Open a SoZ module with the toolset, then hit the plugins tab, campaign editor, click nwn campaign x2 so it’s highlighted and then look to the right side of the deitor, that’s where the campaign settings are, scroll down and there are all the xp things.

If you know what to change and to what then do it and finally hit save campaign. Altering a campaign should work immediately from a save so no need to restart anything…

I checked it against my campaigns and they have auto xp awarding as true and companion xp weight as 0, they definitely award xp according to what the creature difficulty is. SoZ is set as false and 1 so that might be the problem.

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SoZ loves 2das … have a look at nx2_enc_xpawards.2da in its /campaign folder

kevL_s… I just looked at that and I think it could be a combination of both. neither the OC or MotB has that 2da but SoZ does and neither the OC or MotB has xp awarding as true or companion weight as 1.

Sooooo… maybe to get to the OC style change xp awarding to false , companion xp weight to 0 and take the 2da out and put it somewhere safe just in case it knackers everything. If it does put it back !

i think that 2da is used when PC leaves an encounter-battle area (in Soz)

not sure what’s done when fighting in dungeons tho …

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I know the xp for creatures slain is minimal during the battle. Do you get the rest of the xp when you leave the battlefield?

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yeh there’s a dialog when transitioning out of SoZ battle-areas … an actionscript (attached to the dialog) awards xp for the encounter …

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Yeah. I was just wondering if ZZC was getting it.

Although, I can’t remember if the extra xp is given during battles within “dungeon” areas, or if it only occurs after Overland Map encounters.

As much as I like SoZ, it’s been a couple years…

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I’m referring to the intro battle when you get wrecked on the coast, where the silly Volo tries to talk to each wave of batiri but they all attack anyways… and he doesnt even fight…
You do not gain extra xp after battle, because a strong friendly group of 2 fighters and 2 clerics arrive during the last wave to help, then arrest everyone for illegal entry. To progress the story you talk to one of the guards. So there is no post encounter xp gain.

I know how to mod the encounter battle xp gain.
But the intro battle has no encounter, you are thrown straight into battle. Something there is limiting the xp gain to 100 per enemy. I changed the enemy CR from 3 to 60 and still only gain 100 xp, so something must be setting that number somewhere.
I have tried searching using 100, various xp functions but no result.

extra xp is for overland encounters, its script based. Dungeon fights seem to also start from 100 xp and slowly reducing.


I guess I don’t see a problem here.

I just started a fresh game with a party of 4, 4th level characters, and completed the first part of the battle. Most of the Batiri gave 10 xp. The largest Batiri gave 30 xp.

I’ve never messed with the xp and have had no difficulty getting my PC to level 20, unless the PC had a Level Adjustment of +2 or +3, or I accidentally made a character with a multi-class penalty. In these cases, I would adventure with fewer in the party. Also, the party would run like heck away from that boar until they were able to handle it, just like PnP.

Typically, I edit the campaign to allow a party of 6, just for the heck of it, which hurts the return on xp.

One play-through, the main PC was a Drow. At the end of the game he was only at the high end of level 18. I remember slogging through Dinos to build levels. I knew I could console in xp, but that’s not right for me.

I’m all too willing to slog. It started early. While playing Adventure, I heard there was an “Orb”, but I had no idea where or what it was. After a long while, I found it and figured out what to do with it all by myself. I didn’t look it up in magazine.

Oh, sometimes I miss the pixel hunting days. (Although, I do not miss the Equipment Tetris days (I use the stack-able mod in the other game))

What is cool about this game is how incredibly customizable it is. It can be changed to however a player wants to play/enjoy the game. If you do find a way to increase xp, I’d like to know.



I just have no idea what is restricting the xp gain.

In OC and Mask, an enemy CR of 30 against party average of maybe L10 or less nets 600 xp. Thats what I’m trying to recreate but no luck.

I do like bashing up alot of creeps if they drop gold - I always seem to want more gold haha.




On the flip side, I think there is a set minimum (that is miniscule). I remember running away from encounters, due to the time wasted not being worth it (GIVE ME DINOS!).

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Axe_Edge, have you tried the mod that adds tougher encounters to the northern sword coast late in the game?

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Deadly SoZ Encounters | The Neverwinter Vault


I’ll have to give the mod a try. It looks to be pretty sweet and will add something new. I’m at the beginning of MotB, but getting the itch for SoZ (multiplayer).

Hmmm. Maybe Gulk’aush can wait…

Looking forward to The Dove, though…


Deadly SoZ Encounters is … deadly. Probly cause i had the Personal Impossibility Adjustment installed also …

iirc I had to back off from the BlueDragon … and the tougher undead groups


The thing is, if I keep a copy of my SoZ end game save folder, I can reload it at any time and import some higher level PCs developed in other modules that need the new challenge. I have a folder of characters between L 18-24 that are not getting any love.


Good point about the saves. I have all of my saves from at least 4 SoZ runthroughs. Hundreds of saves per runthrough.

I keep my saves with its override, exported characters (every level), and build plan.

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Hey wow sounds lovely. Can it be applied mid campaign?

I have for myself upped all the encounters and creatures to CR30, the max in the encounter level 2da. With all the creatures maxed to L30 in 1st class, with all package feats abilities spells et al.

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