SoZ : How many party members are too many?

So, I’ve been changing the number of party members in Campaign Editor, and there is this mod I downloaded that streamlined GUI for more party members. That seems OK. For some reason, I always like playing SoZ with more party members (and not those cohorts, none really good anyway).

I want to know, how many party members the game can handle before it becomes too cumbersome at fight/prone to crash/fps hit ?

That probably depends on your cpu//graphic card/settings.

I can’t give you an exact answer, but modern PCs could even handle parties of 20 I think.

However, the game is balanced around a 4+1 party, keep that in mind. You’ll end up zerging your way to victory, which could be a fun experience as well, depending on personal preferences. =D


The OC sticks everyone in your party at one point.


I played the OC with all party members and had no issues on an entry-level computer.

just a bunch of jostling …

edit: but i kept their AIs off (and had to play with all advanced graphics options disabled regardless)

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Thanks that’s interesting. So it can handle 10 (like in OC) without much problems.

I read somewhere if you have too many spellcasters the game will crash because it can’t handle that many spells. Is that right ?

the Ai for spellcasters is pretty intense, but i tend to think that a whackload of spell-visuals is a bigger drain on CPU time.

I haven’t seen a crash, but have experienced the occasional slowdown – perhaps when creatures spawn and visuals start flying around at the same time

again it depends on your machine/RAM/vidcard


I’ve had as many as 12 that was with Amy and Shandra in the party. Of course like KevL_s there was a lot of jostling. I try very hard not to use the AI except when moving around. My biggest pet peeve is the AI using the NPC’s against the PC. So I use it very little.