SoZ party editor in custom content modules

So i use the makeover editon for OC and MotB.
I just recently reinstall nwn 2.
They added party editor from SoZ to those campaigns.
Last time i played before i uninstalled it i could use the party editor in custom modules.
Any idea what i am doing wrong here ?
Thanks for the info,

if The PartyEditor appears (or is supposed to appear) as an option on the PlayerMenuPopup screen

then it seems likely that the custom campaign you’re playing has it’s own version of “playermenu_popup.xml” (that doesn’t show the PartyEditor) – and somehow it’s taking priority over Kaldor’s version


But i have put playermenu_popup.xml in the override folder plus i have put the playermenu_popup.xml and playermenu_popup-large.xml on the new nwn 2 complete instalation override folder and launched the uninvated guests module and it doesn’t work.
I loaded the save games that i added custom party members few months ago but now i cannot. I have only one playermenu_popup.xml and playermenu_popup-large.xml in the override folder so it should override everything that is in campaigns.
That is why i really do not know what i am doing wrong and why it isn’t working.

What doesn’t work? You press the button in the player’s menu and nothing happens or what? You also need to move the corresponding script (gui_bb_showpartyeditor.ncs/nss) to your override folder, not just xml files.

and if there are any .haks used by a campaign/module, look in them for those files – files in .hak override files in /override.

You may want to try downloading my Deck of Trumps item. That will allow you to initiate the party editor without requiring it to be in the player menu.

The override folder won’t override items that are in hak files.

Note that both the player menu_popup.xml in the campaign UI folder and the gui_bb_showpartyeditor.NCS script in override are needed for the party editor to be displayed from the menu. The Deck of Trumps item calls the scripts without needing to modify the player menu which is good if the player menu has already been modified for the module or campaign.