Spawn NPC

My save file bugged and I lost Katriona from her location
Do you know a console command to spawn a NPC?

I’m quite rusty on the OC locations and quests. Can you remind me(us) where she is supposed to spawn? Then I will look for the location, situation and scripts on the toolset and probably come up with a solution.

Thank you Andysks
I’ll explain you the situation better
After finishing the old owl well quest line in chapter 2 my save game got corrupted and I had to restore the 1300_Old_Owl_Well.mod to a previous version from a previous save to recover my progress.
She is supposed to appear in AR1302 Old Owl Well next to the miners that you rescue in the Eyegouger Lair that also aren’t there anymore.
I need to spawn Katriona and the miners so I can talk to them and send them all to crossroad keep

The easiest way to spawn her is by opening the console. Then type

DebugMode 1
rs ga_create_object(“C”, “katriona”, “1302_wp_katriona”, 0, “”, 0.0)
DebugMode 0

As I said, I am a bit rusty on the OC. This will theoretically spawn her on her spot but if there are other variables that should be in place or not… that we can’t say for certain.

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To elaborate

the script of the area OnEnter checks for these causes

if ((GetLocalInt(GetModule(),“CallumState”)>=3) && (!GetGlobalInt(“01_Join_Katriona”)))

I can safely guess that the second variable is there so that she doesn’t appear again after you recruit her. The CallumState >= 3 though… that’s the weird one. It probably gets set after you save the miners(?), and I would think that’s what buged in your game.

Another possibility is that, if you already met and recruited Katriona before the corruption, the 01_Join_Katriona variable got set to TRUE. I once read that global variables are not save game relevant… or something like that. So even with a reverted save game state… you actually met her. Who knows.

I tried the code you suggested me but nothing happen unfortunately
Maybe do you know a way to teleport myself to AR1312 Mountain Pass, Meeting Casavir
That’s where you first meet her

Hmm, try the same but with “n_katriona” instead of “katriona” as parameter? I am just guessing here. That’s her global blueprint but it has the same convo attached to it as the local from Old Owl Well. Perhaps it will work?