Speaking strings without sending them to the chat window

Does anyone know a way to make NPCs speak strings without them being sent to the chat log window of the PC? I’d like to make use of copious amounts of NPC emotes and “fleeting background chatter”, but without spamming, and preferably without having to resort to setting up a VFX per emote/chatter message.

See here:



::facepalms, hard::

Thank you, Proleric.

Edit: Ah, hold up - which one do you mean? TALKVOLUME_SILENT_TALK isn’t visible to players at all. WHISPER still goes to the chat window, right?

Silent Shout does what you asked for, I think?

Not unless there’s a hidden trick to it. :thinking: Silent Shout is normally completely invisible to players, meant for sending out messages to trigger listening patterns for AI reactions.

Like when an NPC is attacked - they silent-shout (or silent-talk, at close range) a string, and other NPCs who’re set up to react to that string as a listening pattern respond to it. Extremely useful, but not suited for non-spammy background chatter, since the player never sees the strings.

Maybe BD could add a new talkvolume that appears overhead but doesn’t get sent to the chat window. SpeakString would be super convenient for this - the speech stays a decently long time, can be colored to highlight interesting tidbits (and, in general, to set the chatter apart from player speech)… bit of a niche request, though. :frowning: