Special Abilities List (Critters)

Hey folks, is there an up to date, or even just still posted list, of what the various special abilities do and which ones maybe don’t function? My search-fu has failed me utterly and I’m home-rolling some outsiders.


I don’t think so,

when in doubt, test
when not in doubt, test

if a special ability doesn’t work it could be any of a few things. A script could be borked, a 2da could be borky, or the AI might not be dealing with it …

I put some brief notes in volume II of the NWN2 Toolset Notes. You’ll have to look at the associated scripts for more detail.

Someone needs to make a list. I nominate you! :smiley:

Sir, this is not a Greek* democracy


Thanks, rjshae. I’ll check it out.

kevL_s, you’re absolutly right, but I"m working to a development schedule and can’t “take off” for the purpose.

Some of the special abilities have multiple instances (e.g. darkness), and I never know which one is what. There’s also cases of special abilities representing more than one special abilities. The scorching ray, for example. Plus the henchman AI for special abilities doesn’t work properly unless you patch it. Overall it’s a bit of a headache.

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i can’t find thread where iirc you’d asked about the AI not finding Scorching Ray’s child-spells …

but in a general, pseudo-vague way this could be worth a glance at,

void HenchFeatDispatch(int iFeatId, int iSpellId, int bCheat)

in ‘hench_i0_itemsp’

(it says “Feat” but i’m not so sure yet that it’s for feats only…)

5 of the cols in HenchSpells.2da are dual-purposed, to hold the IDs of child-spells (note: skip the EffectWeight col since it’s considered to be a float-value). If a spellId is flagged as a Master spell [in HenchSpells “SpellInfo”] then HenchFeatDispatch() iterates through the special values in these cols and shunts the dispatch to the childs (bypassing further consideration of the Master Id) …

just mentioning it,

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