Special effect scaling

Is it possible to scale a special effect ( sef ) by script? Or do separate sefs need to be created and scaled in the files?

eg. Breathe dragon fire … big dragon big fire visual vs. small dragon small fire visual


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I believe you need to create separate f/x files. The scale settings are in the text files, so in theory you could scale those if you could dynamically edit the file.



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uh yeh i’ll let you know when i got that worked out … /Lol



I believe it is this way only. :slight_smile: Unless you have figured some other way?

Cheers, Lance.

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nope. It shouldn’t be too hard really … a good sef already exists so it’s just a matter of duplicating it ~6 times (for 6 ages of dragons: baby, juvenile, young adult, adult, old, ancient) and adjusting the scale in the sefs.

i haven’t worked out the details – but im presently back into my on/off lifelong obsession w/ dragons


Well the good part is that f/x files are very lightweight, so you can add a bunch without hurting your disk usage much. Unless you’re adding new texture files, of course.

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SEF are automatically scaled if you apply them to an object (instead of a location), though it doesn’t scale the way you’d expect:

For example the billboard effects are not scaled on the Z axis, and there are other quirks too.