Specifying a path into a JSON represenation of a GFF file

Can anyone here help with this?

Don’t know if it will help but I just found that Notepad++ has built-in syntax highlighting for JSON.


Solved in the other thread.

It appears that when a GFF array is cast into a Json, the path to element number # must be written as “value/#”, not merely “#”. For example

GffReplaceResRef(jUTC, "Equip_ItemList/value/0/EquippedRes", "myresref");

This is not special to arrays as for gff elements the path is always “label/value” (and “label/type” if you want to know what type the value is, see also nw_inc_gff.nss).

What at least helps me a lot when I don’t know what’s going on is dumping the json into a string and write it to the log file.