Speech Quote (") Inside a String (RESOLVED!)

I noticed that a certain character can produce a double speech quote inside a string, which I thought had been impossible to achieve. Having noticed it, I wanted to take note.

However, I don’t know where this character is (or how to reproduce it) on the keyboard. And this is going to be quite hard to show on a post, but I’ll give it a go in case anyone may be able to help me find it for future use. NB It’s the tiny spec of a line just prior the text I am talking about here … I copied the character from the file I found it in.

’ GIVES DOUBLE QUOTE (? - Don’t know where this is and is what I am looking for.) (*)
’ IS THE SINGLE QUOTE (Same key as the @ symbol)
` IS THE KEY BENEATH THE ESCAPE KEY (It is not this one.)

(*) It looks like a slightly leaning forward line, but I cannot find it on the keyboard anywhere, and so it may need an ASCII code, I guess.

Any ideas anyone?

It could be quite useful to have string with double quotes for me moving forward.

Perhaps shows it better …


Are you using a French keyboard? If so, look up an English keyboard?

I’m not sure.

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No, I am using an English keyboard.

I don’t see that character anywhere on it (but may just be missing it) … and is why I am beginning to suspect my only way of using it may be by applying some sort of ascii code.

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Seems you’re looking for the acute accent (´).

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If that is the case, do you know where I can find it, or apply it using my English keyboard?

As I say, it could be useful to be used inside a string where double quotes would appear more natural than a single quote that I had ben using to date.

Note: It is a stand-alone character and not one above a letter, as in é ← ALT 0233 (ASCII)

´ ← ASCII 0180 (ASCII) - This may be it. Thanks! :grinning:

Next time, I’ll test that in the string.

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Have you tried Ctrl+'+Space?


This is ctrl + space >>>

I do not see anything for me.

So, unless there is another keyboard shortcut, I can live with the ASCII if that works out. :+1:

Ctrl + ’
Release both keys


I tried various combinations of what you describe above, but cannot get the same display as you do.

Even your first line in the above post (copied): Ctrl + ’ I cannot do with any key combinations. That is, I cannot even do the ’ part because that is the part I am trying to get.

’ is not `
’ is not ’

I just cannot type ’ ← Copied. :wink:

Interestingly, in this post, my ’ does look like your ’ BUT, it does not when I type it. I’ll add an image of it to show. One sec…


The ’ in my post is the apostrophe (Ctrl + apostrophe, release keys, type space).

But I don’t have an english keyboard so I can’t try it by myself unfortunately.

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OK, well thanks for pointing e towards the accent anyway, as I am hoping that will do as I hope if I remember to use the ascii code 0180

´ ← Here is the ascii for me …

I’ll do a quick test and let you know if that worked. One sec …

Drats, ASCII 0180 did not work. :worried:


Here are the comparisons … There is still a subtle difference.


Same text copied and pasted (minus ascii ref)




Trying ALT 0145

YES! That works!

Here is where I tested it in front of Bugbear … So, using ‘ (ALT 0145) provides a " inside a string. Yeh!

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Don’t have NWN2 (installed) unfortunately.

In NWN EE we just type \" :wink: .

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I wonder if that will work in NWN2 as well … I’ll test. One sec …

Doh! Of course it won’t for me … as using a " already opens the text. That was why I was looking for it in the first place. A real Homer moment that. :dizzy_face:


Actually, you have me curious now … So, if you wanted to display a string with double quotes, how would you write it?

For example, in NWN2 we cannot do this:-


… because the quotes would end what we are trying to do.

Now, I realise I can do this:-

“(ALT0145)TEXT HERE(ALT0145)” which would look like this …

“‘TEXT HERE‘” which would display as “TEXT HERE” in a string ref.

EDIT: Apparently ALT0146 is a closing speech, but I just tested using ALT0145 both to open and close.

In NWN it’s "\"TEXT HERE\""


Okay - that’s rather neat. We cannot do that - so it looks like ALT0145 for us. :+1:

EDIT: ALT0146 is a closing speech.

It was added in NWN EE 1.75.

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You can always compile your NWN2 script with the NWN:EE compiler or nwnsc, just use NWN2’s version of nwscript.nss.

Another workaround that was used previously in nwn1 is something like:

string QUOTE = GetName(GetObjectByTag("PLACEABLE_WITH_QUOTE_NAME"));

and then put a placeable somewhere and give it the name of ".

Or, find some dialog.tlk entry that contains " and extract it:

string QUOTE = GetSubString(GetStringByStrRef(1234), 1, 0))

Then use it as:

string sTextWithQuotes = "They call me " + QUOTE + "Quotey" + QUOTE + ". Dunno why.";
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Thanks for this info @sherincall , but for simplicity, it’s easier for me just to use the ascii codes where need be. It’s good to have such feedback though, so thanks.