Speedhacking NWN and NWN2

Did anyone try speedhacking NWN games with a program like CheatEngine? I always thought that these games are a little too slow, and wonder if they can be sped up. I don’t have either of them installed at the moment, so this is why I’m asking.

If this works, then it’s great news for me and anyone else who shares my opinion on the subject, and a good advice to be posted on this forum.

EDIT: It works! Speedhacking really does breath a new life into great but slow games like the NWN series and the King’s Bounty series, etc. I highly recommend it!


Interesting idea. It might be worth a try with NWN2 as well.

When I mentioned NWN games, I meant NWN and NWN2. It works for both.


Very nice. You might consider writing up a front page blog article on your setup. I think people here will find it of interest. Thanks. :smiley:

“Setup” is a huge ovestatement. I used CheatEngine, and it is very easy to use.

Well many things are easy once you’ve done them.

  1. You start CheatEngine. You go to Edit > Settings > Hotkeys. You specify the hotkeys for changing the game’s speed, and specify the speed that you want to change to (like, 2x speed for key “1” on your keyboard, and 1x speed for the “2” key).

  2. Then you start your game, Alt+Tab out of it, go to CheatEngine window, click the “select a process to open” icon (it looks like a display with a looking glass put to it), select your game (in case of NWN games, make sure to select NWNmain, and not the other one).

  3. On the right side of the CheatEngine window, check the “Enable Speedhack” box.

  4. Go back to your game and use your hotkeys to change game’s speed.

Note that you will only need to set CheatEngine’s hotkeys once, but you will need to open your game in CheatEngine on each playing session.