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I was wondering…
If one were to add a column into the Spell.2da file, say between Warlock and Innate, would that require any other fixes within the 2da file itself? Or would it simply allow me to add in that column and declare what spells are available for the class that column would represent? Just want to know if I am going to be able to do what I want to try, or if I am looking at a Mt. Everest of trouble.

add a new col only as the last col in the 2da

If I do that, and let’s say I label it Knight, for giggles, Will I be able to designate which spells are available to that character and at which level? I know how to create a Spell Progression table, I just want to be able to create new spell lists for different base classes that I have ideas to make.

idk. how does the FavoredSoul class (eg) even know to use the “Cleric” col …?

unfortunately i can’t see anything in Classes.2da that says use the cleric col – let alone anything that further suggests we can create a new col for “this spell is available at level x to such and such a class”

something funny going on (again)

I suppose I’ll have to test it out. Maybe modify a current base class to add in spellcasting and go from there. I’ll let you know.

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Honestly, not thinking that what I want to do is going to work. Like you said earlier, doesn’t seem to be a way to designate a column in the spells.2da for a class to recognize it’s spell list. Going to have to work something out to use what I want for Prestige classes instead.

(cries into his root beer)

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yeh, I think that’s why K focused (exclusively?) on PrCs …

/root beer sounds good :)

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Notice that, in this screen shot, my character has nothing equipped whatsoever, yet appears to have some king of sword equipped. No matter what weapon or weapons I equip, this sword won’t go away. One weapon equipped, 2 weapons equipped, I just don’t get it. Any idea what would cause such problems?

that looks like the SilverSword of Gith … it can be (ie. sometimes is) applied as a SEF (special effect file) to a character – that is, it’s a visual effect …

do you want a script to try and remove it …?

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Nah. was just wondering how it could have got there. Thanx.


dont know how it got there /hehe

Yeah, most of what’s happening with spells.2da is hardcoded. If you want to get around that, you’re going to have to do some more complex modding.

You could try scripting your own spell selection GUI that you can launch after the game’s own levelup. Here’s an example
Something else to look at is Rasael’s Replacement Magic System