Spellcasting and using magic devices in shape change

Hello all.

I was wondering if there is a module or a scripts set that installed on a neverwinter nights server allows to druids/shifters cast spells in shape change and also use magic devices.

I have searched a bit and I don’t find anything at the moment but I would be glad if someone developed something like this https://nwn2.fandom.com/wiki/Natural_Spell but with all the shapes not only with natural and elemental.

Regards and thanks in advance

Don’t know if that helps you, but we are using “Dynamic Wildshape for Druids/Shifters” from here.

This system is based on learning the shapes with a tool and the feats. It works on base of the 3.5 PNP rules.

It says following: “Wildshape forms allow the PC the ability to cast spells, use items and change equipment, thus using allowing shifters to choose between their preferred weapon and creatures natural weaponry.”

Take a look at it, even if it isn’t what you need. It could help a little bit :slight_smile:

Thanks but finally it seems server owners are not very agree with druids/shifters can cast spells in shaped forms.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your help.


Hmm, yes that’s problematic. It could be checked by a spellhook if you are shaped.
We use it in similar ways.

At the end, it is the decision of the server admin itself.