I’m trying to use the classic NWN Spellchecker, which has worked well in the past.

Many conversations now seem to go into an endless loop.

Any thoughts?

I’m using Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016.

Due to bugs in the spellchecker, I not only turned it off in the toolset but also submitted a ticket to BD many, many months ago detailing the exact areas of the conversation editor that problems were occurring in. It has yet to be fixed.


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OK but it’s not working for me in 1.69 either.

I’m talking about Spellchecker 1.5 by Hans Olsen

Correct me if I’m wrong but given that it’s from 2003 (Rolovault html page) I think it requires quite an old version of word to work properly.


OK let me ask a slightly different question.

Does anyone know how to spell check an entire module these days?

perhaps a very dedicated person with alot of free time might be my guess. i actually didnt even realize that 1.69 had a spell checker, and when Beamdog announced the release of there version… I used it once and an entire paragraph vanished before my eyes.

Yes, that is the bug @TarotRedhand is talking about.

As far as I know, there’s never been an as-you-type spell checker that worked, hence the requirement to spell check the entire module in batch before release.

I check words I’m unsure about in Chrome while typing, but that doesn’t pick up typos.

Well, here’s a brute force method - use a moneo script to dump every line into a text file. Open in Word, with the toolset open alongside it so that each typo highlighted by Word can be changed manually.

So far I’ve just tested it for conversations:

# Dump all conversations into a text file (for spell checking etc)

%mod = 'c:\NeverwinterNights\nwn\modules\Dark Energy.mod' or die;

for (%mod['*.dlg']) 
    $dlg = substr($_, 0, -4);
	print "=====", $dlg, "=====\n";
	for (/EntryList)      	
	      print /~/Text, "\n"; 		
    for (/ReplyList)      	
	      print /~/Text, "\n"; 		

To use this for any other module, change the path and module name in the %mod= line.

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Just curious, how do you deal with typos in descriptions?


Just don’t make any :wink:


In principle, I’d have to add moneo code for every object class, and every area/object class combination.

As life is short, I’ll probably only do item descriptions, and hope for the best.

Maybe you can use


to extract all the module strings in ASCII, load them in your word processor (i use open/libre office writer or Abiword), fire the spell checker, export the modified files and re-include then with the same utility. I tried it for translating purposes and it worked (with NWN 1.69… Not sure for EE as the data structure is a little different).

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@CaveGnome Thanks. That utility is very useful. I didn’t know about it.

Having used both now, I’d say that both the moneo and nwnmultilang approaches are actually faster than using the classic spellchecker.

In both cases, I pasted the output into Word, inspected visually for typos, and did the changes manually in the toolset (which seemed faster and safer than importing).

As noted on the Vault page, nwnmultilang has the slight disadvantage of generating a lot of false positives. On the other hand, the moneo method currently requires new scripts to be written to be comprehensive.

I might not check every object class, but I’ve done items and conversations, which is the main thing.

EDIT - the false positives from nwnmultilang can be suppressed by making 4 global edits to the Word document, e.g. replacing all instances of #file* with #file=, where * is a blank, so no big deal.