Spells from monsters

Hello there again!

I have a question that may be a dumb issue and I don’t see it.

I have modified the spell heal / harn and relatives to be a fixed amount based on caster level. like 100 + 5*CasterLevel.

The issue I got is that monsters just ignore this script. No matter if they cast it directly or use a potion/scroll. They get the original script that is full hp, or damage to 1 hp almost.

Do monsters use a diferent script that I’m missing?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

no, did you changed nw_s0_heal/harm or you did this change in spellhook? spellhook is not fired for npcs by default and is generally bad idea for changes like this anyway

maybe send the harm spell script

Thanks Shadooow!

When I was learning how to modify scripts I changed the nw_s0_heal script with not result. Later I discovered that our module uses some spell hooks with heals and harms due to some vampire scripts. I changed those too.

Seems that we restored the original nw_s0_heal at some point and I wasnt aware -.- I was working thinking that we have the original script modified and was breaking my head thinking why monsters don’t xD

Thanks again!