Spin, spin, pussycat

there are some wingmodels in the cep 2.65 release that i like, zep_vwt_mosonc*, in 4 different sizes. they’re described as ‘motes’ in wingmodel.2da. true enough, they’re a bunch of little particles that circle lazily around the creature model.

i hate lazy models… >:^) i want them to spinnnnnnn as though i’m cracking a whip over them. i’ve tried to get this effect by changing the velocity entry [line 65] from 2.5 to 5.0. i ended up with something that looked like old porridge flakes sort of bobbing in and out. then i tried changing the transtime [lines 94 and 122] from 0.25 to 0.125, but the motes are still pretty lazy, and even chopping off an additional digit or two after that didn’t really inspire them to turn any faster. so my question is, what do i need to change to get those motes spinning quickly about the vertical axis of the creature ?

This might help:


many thanks. this looks promising !
i’ll give it a whirl and let you know.

Yes but how fast… ? :wink:

hmmm… :thinking:
maybe… 4-6 rot/sec ?

after playing around w/this a bit, i have actually… come NO FURTHER ALONG than i was – except for the possible brief moments enjoyment when i figured out how some of the actions work.
particleRot seems to have no effect whatsoever.
velocity apparently has nothing to do w/the velocity of the particles. instead, it seems to specify how far out from the central axis the particles fly.
blurlength also didn’t change anything, varying it a few times from 1 to 100.

on the other hand, i was able to get some results by changing the ‘length’ and ‘orientationkey’ parameters. i think they may be inter-related. i believe the ‘orientationkey’ parameter holds a list of the orientations of the object in radians and that the object ‘plays through’ them in a similar way that a video would play through key frames. and i think the ‘length’ key may be a hint as to how many of the orientations it should display[?] – but i’m still testing. my attempts to get the rotation to go faster by changing these to other values have all failed. i did figure out how to make it swirl around back and forth like a washing machine, though. :roll_eyes:

a complete user’s guide or full doc about this would come in really handy about now.


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indeed. BUT… just as a matter of record, how would you behave if your love interest turned to you and said, ‘alright, you wash… now i’m gonna spin-dry you…’ ;^p

[hmm… i wonder how many r/sec that would be… :thinking: ]