Sprinting Elves

Howdy All,
Is there any way to modify the standard elf race so that elven PCs just walk via a mouse click or key-press rather than running, or is it a hard-coded game feature that is impssible to change?
Obviously this can be achieved by going into stealth-mode, but doing so looks rubbish and inappropriate in an everyday/social context!
I’ve looked at the appearance, racialtypes, classes and race_feat 2das, but haven’t spotted anything in them that might be the culprit for this behaviour. I would be happy to embrace the idea of a custom race if this is what it takes to achieve my goal.
I should add that I am a 1.69 Diamond user, and I do not uses NWNX.
Any pointers in the right direction would be very much appreciated, and apologies if I’ve overlooked something ridiculously obvious!

Hold the shift key down while clicking on the ground.

The PC will also walk if you click a short distance away.

Howdy Proleric, and thanks as ever for your reply.
I knew about these dodges, but as usual I failed to explain the situation thoroughly!
I run a very elf-centric game, and I get moans from PCs who don’t like losing a hand to the shift key, or just want to move via the mouse like all the other standard races (i.e. being able to click on a distant location and walk there in Active Detect mode.)
Well, I suppose one (or rather they!) can’t have everything.
Thank you again.
Mr T

I wonder if there isn’t a “always run” switch somewhere (maybe in the *.ini ?). As I recall in Baldurs Gate such a switch exists.