SQLITE Migration

I have noticed that EE converts a Mod’s Database files to a SQLITE file. Is this migration built into EE or is there an external routine that can convert a set of cdx, dbf and fpt files to a SQLITE file?

The context of the question is to see whether NIT could perform the conversion when it creates NIT’s Mod Installer.

Thanks for any help.

there is no scripting function for it, it happens automatically, but it would be possible to reproduce the exact output via reverse engineering if you really wanted, honestly I see no point doing this- game will automatically convert the db itself whenever it is first used under EE

Many thanks @Shadooow. Thought it was worth asking in case there was something simple I could do.

I can probably share the code that does the transform if you really want to reinvent the wheel. My suggestion would also be to let the game do it, then at least it’s bug-consistent. :wink: DBF is a old read-only legacy format at this point.

Thanks for the info. I certainly don’t want to reinvent the wheel :slight_smile:

I only asked because NIT was detecting changes every time I closed NWN, which seems to perform the conversion each time it starts regardless of whether the files have changed. I have updated NIT (for the next release) to take this into account and improve performance

It’s not converting every time it runs, it sets a flag on the meta table to indicate conversion. That said, if all you do is check timestamp or checksum for changes, you are probably picking up that sqlite is touching the file for journal changes etc.

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