Standard tile expansion floor texture

I’ve been using the standard tile expansion pack and have noticed that some of the floor textures are a different color. They look fine in the toolset while building, but in-game they are a lighter shade. Is there a easy fix for this?

I’ve made some changes to fix texture swapping issues. Are you using the latest? (1.17) If so, you’ll need to let me know which tile variants and I’ll take a look.

ha, I highly doubt it’s the latest since it’s from 2016.
I’ll replace the old files with new ones and see if that fixes the problem.

Hey, can I just swap out the .dds and .mdb files or do I need to update the 2da files also?

Umm, it’s been a while so I forget if I made any additions. Probably not. In any event the old entries should work.

I updated all the files but it still does it. here is a screen shot.

Yeah, there’s an issue with the specular value for the floor on that tile. I can’t seem to fix it in Blender, dang it. The problem comes from the screwy value in the original stock tile parts, which is this very tiny floating point value that isn’t getting preserved properly. I’m not sure what to do. :worried:

no biggey, I’ll just use a different corner. At least I know not to waste a bunch of time thinking I’m doing something wrong.

I’ve seen that, since the tiles are tintable you can tint the tile to match.