Star Wars: Legends of the Old Republic


We’re in the process of building a brand new Star Wars server for NWN:EE. We’d like to invite everyone to come join and follow along with us during development. We are also looking for area builders, quest designers, and dialogue writers.

Our website contains loads of information about the project so be sure to check it out! I hope to see a few new faces in our Discord as well.

May the Force be with you!


Hi MonsterTrainer,

I replied to your comment on Mina’s GUI submission but just in case you missed it…

We use Google analytics to better understand who is visiting our site. This is probably what you’re seeing. If you can send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing maybe I can help. Feel free to message me on Discord too. @Zunath:8446


Steam Haks:

We will be hosting our first stress test of the server this weekend, Friday 26th. The server will be available sometime during the day and will be open for play until the morning of Monday the 29th.

The goals of this beta test are as follows:

1.) Gauge how the server runs under heavy load. There may be lag issues we need to resolve.
2.) Identify any major gameplay issues with a larger group of people.
3.) Get feedback from you guys on what you like/don’t like and adjust them appropriately.

There are some things to keep in mind:

1.) Characters will be wiped after this test.
2.) Not all of the content is complete. You might find some rough edges here and there - we will work on these prior to our full release. The core features should work, though!
3.) This is our first time running things at this scale. You could run into lag or other issues.
4.) Please, please PLEASE report ALL bugs either on GitHub or with the /bug chat command in-game. The more detail you can provide the better (what skills, what perks, your stats, where you were, etc.) More detail is better than less.

To prepare for this please be sure to subscribe to the hakpaks on Steam for easy access when it comes time to launch!

We’re really excited to share what we’ve been working on and hope to see you all there!

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I’m happy to announce that we will be officially launching the server on November 23rd, barring any unforeseen issues. Please be sure to follow along in our Discord for the latest updates!

You can now preload our haks. Even if you have already downloaded them during the beta test you will need to download them again using the new NWSync process.

Please follow this guide so that you’re able to log in sooner on launch day.

24 hours to go! Launch countdown here:

We are now live! Join us at

See you there!

We just released a substantial update which introduces the Mon Calamari as a playable species (IT’S A TRAP!), the Galactic Trade Network (player marketplace), and a jukebox which will let you play music in your custom built houses and apartments, among several other bug fixes and new features.

Previous updates also included a brand new spaceship system which lets you build starships, form a crew, and explore space.

Be sure to stop in!


What do Mon Calamari use to cover things?

It’s a tarp!

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Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of updates. We’re still chugging away at new features. Here are a few of the ones we’ve released over the past few months:

  • We released a massive overhaul to rebalance the game difficulty.
  • All of the force powers have been rebuilt from the ground up and are much more lore-appropriate now. You can review all of them here:
  • We’ve added daily activities in the form of Guilds. Ten new tasks per guild will appear each day. Completing these will earn you credits and Guild Points (GP). GP increases your rank and unlocks new items in the guild store.
  • The Ugnaught species is now playable!
  • XP for crafting has been tripled
  • There are now more ways to get equipment without crafting.
  • You can now customize the appearance of all of your items.
  • We’ve completely revamped some back-end code to stabilize the server. We now reboot one time per 24 hours and the player cap has been increased to 96 (up from 35)
  • Tons of new armor appearances have been added.
  • Several areas have been overhauled and we’ve got a new planet and station on the way.

If you haven’t stopped by in a while, be sure to pop in. The team is always hard at work in an effort to bring you an authentic Star Wars experience!