Starting PW Questions

I’m at the planning period of building a PW, hopefully a few of my starter questions can be answered so I don’t run into enormous problems in the future.

  • What CEP should I use?

  • Is NWNX2 still the goto for database?

  • Is there a spawning system I should look at that is more diverse than the toolset?

The differences are discussed reasonably objectively here.

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Keep in mind I’m not a PW Builder/Admin but PWs seem to occupt 90% of the conversation on the NWN Developer Discord and the Vault Discord…

  1. What version of CEP? Most PWs would advocate to make your own content package. Many PW owners use NWNSync to distribute their content. That said, CEP is fine if you’re looking for a quicker start - e.g. you can focus on building less than assembling content. CEP 2 is more widely used and more likely to already be installed by players.

  2. NWNX seems to be the standard for PWs and is discussed widely on the NWN Developer Discord.

  3. NESS is pretty popular with a lot of the PW folks I’ve talked to, although CEP 2 does have the Sparky Spawner (scripts should be in the old script hak)

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Glad NESS is still a go-to. :grinning: