State of the CCC

Greetings, all.

First off, I apologize for not keeping up with the CCC as well as I should. The last couple of months have been especially bad, as I’ve had very little time to sit down at my computer and devote time to anything NWN-related. Dealing with a car accident on New Year’s Eve, I completely spaced on things at the start of the month and only now realized I didn’t start a new theme thread for January (or poll for February). I guess this will be the 2nd time in the CCC’s history that we have combined months (Jan/Feb) for one theme. Sorry.

The content from November will be posted very soon. I’m making a little something for the dogs that will take me a day, to include along with Stonehammer’s content. Nothing made it into the CCC email for December’s theme (Dark Arts).

I’ve been the guy posting polls and compiling the Custom Content Challenge submissions since mid-2012. I’m thinking that with my more limited computer time these days, it’s time to pass this little task onto someone new. It doesn’t usually take a lot of time, and doesn’t require a ton of experience (if you can make a hak and compress things into a .7z, you can handle this)…it’s just that I’m no longer consistent enough to keep up with it on a regular basis (and y’all deserve some consistency).

So, for anyone interested in taking over the “paperwork/organizing/running things” part of the CCC, feel free to post here. If multiple people want to take this on, there’s no problem with that (but y’all will have to work together). By the end of February, I can have someone else up and running with it.

I don’t want this awesome source of new stuff to fizzle out just because I haven’t been on task enough to keep it organized. Especially since it looks like a lot of people are coming back to the game with NWN:EE spreading across platforms.


First of all, I hope the automobile accident is nothing serious. Don’t worry about the delay, we all have a private life and I guess no one should complain about this. My almost nil knowledge of English stop me from proposing


As I maintain the catalogue it is only the logical next step so I volunteer (but I will need your complete list of proposed but not yet done ccc topics).



Thank you for all of your efforts! I love the ccc and have been happily trying to make stuff for each one. I think i hadn’t finished my dog stuff in time so i shelved it =(. I had been doing a bunch of placeables for the mirror mirror one so we’ll see.


**## TheAmethystDragon, your dedication is greatly appreciated. I too hope the accident was did not affect you substantially. The ccc is a great motivation for me to learn new things and as such I will continue to support and contribute as much as I am able.


“Just” a couple of words:
First of all: Thank you, TAD, for spending so much time to keep up the CCC! (As to the accident, I go with Stonehammer.)
And also thanks to Tarot for volunteering!


Oh so sorry to hear about your accident!! Thank God you’re okay. Thank you, AmethystDragon for all the work you’ve done with CCC in these past years. This one Cat sure appreciates and enjoys CCC !! I was wondering as I look forward to reading and voting in the CCC.

I’ve had to deal with a new computer, too and trying to get it set up with all the bookmarks I’ve had. After 11 good years with my WinXP, the hard drive died and I felt it just too old to keep working with it. But it was a damn good computer and worked very well with NWN. This Win10 is a bit of a challenge.

Anyways, thank you, Terot for volunteering. I keep wanting to send something but I’m not as talented as everyone. All I can do is say THANK YOU for all the goodies you make that I can use in Kissmet.


So sorry to hear about that accident. Hope everything’s fine. Thank you for your good work


Hello TAD,

Sorry to hear about your car accident. Hope things will sort out for the best… Like many others, i want to thank you for your wise and consistent work for the CCC… Truly an amazing thing that kept giving wonderful creations along the years; not to forget providing inspiration for many on how to learn making custom content (and by the way, thanks for your countless contributions to the NWN community).

Under the city, from our deep caverns… We salute you,

Cheers !



Glad you are all right, Amethyst Dragon. :smiley:


TAD - I’d also like to chime in and say thank you for all you done. Your contributions, work and service to the community cannot be summed up in mere words… You’re truly a NWN laureate… Glad you’re ok.

Tarot - Hats off to you mister for stepping up. I thank you many times over !!


TAD…sorry to hear about your accident. Had one myself…hope you are ok. Thanks for all you do…honestly…you are a great person for all you have done for our community.


Glad you’re okay!