Status Effects Listing, etc.?

Hello, all.

Is there a list that identifies all of the status effects in the game?
And the spells, situations, and buffs that create these effects?
What about debuffs?

Also, is there documentation on the stacking of effects in NWN2?

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nwscript.nss (579+)


usually the spellscripts … but they (effects) can also be applied at any time by whim or will (read: script).

Some effects are the result of hardcode but most are scripted.

Dispel magic, various potions … cleric spells … a console script if yer desperate to get rid of an effect

It’s supposed to be 3.5 DnD rules … primary ability bonuses do not stack … AC bonuses do not stack if they’re of the same type (armor,shield,natural,deflection,dodge) except dodge – dodge bonuses stack … saving throw bonuses also stack … skill bonuses stack iirc

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Okay. Thank you. Appreciate your help!

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note that immunity-types (against “bad” effect-types) are listed at nwscript.nss (403+)


Thank you, @kevL_s! I appreciate your telling me this.

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@kevL_s - Is there a mod that tracks the active effects, immunities for a selected character/being/monster while you play? I saw something in another game that popped up a window during gameplay that displayed the status.

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for PC Party - active effects show beside the portraits[*] and on the character sheets; immunities maybe not.

Examine should also show effects on PC Party. But if you want to see effects on non-party creatures you can try my add-on:

GUI Examine - show hostile effects

and since it sounds like your sorta into things … here’s another of my add-ons:


But don’t screw around with it willy-nilly (if you want your playthough to remain stable). Ie, make gamesaves before trying anything drastic. On its second page are utilities like “Print Target Effects”

i should probly look into displaying Immunities somehow … cause atm i don’t recall a way to see those w/out tetris-ing through equipment … unless I’ve got a mindblank on me atm …

[*] you may have noticed that the screen-area that’s been allocated to display effects beside the portraits is limited. There is a way to increase that area, beyond the first ~12 effects …

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Do you mean a small, convenient, dedicated window that tracks effects/immunities for a selected creature in realtime ?

not that i’m aware of

Thank you, @kevL_s. You’ve been very helpful.

I did want to see that. And your tools will help tremendously.

Really appreciate your help.




I just noticed this by you … It sounds quite useful. :slight_smile:

I will take a look and see if I can incorporate it into my own modules. :slight_smile: No immediate update on module 1 though, as it is “done”. :wink: EDIT: OK, I caved.

EDIT: It looks like I can easily add the scripts and adjust for my own xml as I already have those two elements in place using my own names within examine.xml.

This looks quite neat too!

EDIT: Is there any reason you used so may gui callbacks rather than a single gui callback script with different variables passed? I’m going to take a closer look, but thought I’d get the heads up from you anyway. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Lance.

EDIT: Added the effects bit … now itching to update my module … :GULP:
(I edited in the “No status effects”)

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Was that my module, The Scroll ? I have a small GUI that pops up (as an optional GUI) that lets the player know what spells are in place on the PC … and remaining time. Screenshot From Blog.

If it wasn’t, do you recall where you saw it, as I also have interest in this kind of information feedback for the player.

Cheers, Lance.

partly because the cases passed to ‘gui_target_operation’ was getting too long,
partly just whim …

and partly because some seemed distinct at the time

/donno. It is what it is eh

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@Lance_Botelle @kevL_s - Thank you for responding to my post. I really appreciate the open sharing of information in this community!



You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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