Steam and NWN Installer Tool (NIT) users

Steam and NWN Installer Tool (NIT) users

I am looking for people who would like to try the NIT v5.6 Release Candidate.

This release introduces support for Steam’s Workshop Subscriptions, which is controlled by a new Preference in Settings, as well as a number of other improvements.

Download Rules have been updated with new definitions to map Workshop Subscription Identifiers to Mod Names when the Workshop item does not contain any modules or the module file name does not provide an obvious name to identify the Mod.

If you are a Steam user and would like to test the Release Candidate, please let me know via PM or posting a reply to this topic.

Desired Tests

  1. Does it detect all your Workshop Subscriptions?
  2. Does it create Mods for Workshop items that have not been downloaded from another source?
  3. Are you able to specify non-default User Files folders (ie not Documents\Neverwinter Nights)?
  4. Does View, Steam Workshop Subscriptions work as expected and provide the information you need?

Desired Feedback

  1. Test results, issues and suggestions.
  2. Bug reports.
  3. Workshop Identifier to Mod name suggestions for the new Download Rules.
  4. General comments on Workshop Management features.