Steam Blocking Vault

I just discovered that the Steam Forums are blocking links to the Neverwinter Vault’s home page as “potentially malicious.” See here for details:

@niv I’m seeing the same thing. Does Beamdog have sufficient influence with Steam to get the Vault unblocked?

Note that it’s only the home page that’s blocked, for some reason.

It’s a snafu related to how steam deals with links. From Andarian’s post, the link is:

which is blocked, but it’s an invalid link, with extra () and https://. If you were to trick it into linking as e.g.

Then you will just get an “External Site” warning, but you can continue. I guess you just need to be careful what you write… probably just “” and let steam handle the rest…

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I don’t see anything I can or should do here. It’s just a link parser snafu on the steam community forum thing.