Steam Community logon issue - Android

On two different Android devices, I’m being logged out of Steam Community (Forum & Workshop) 24 hours after login. This has been happening for weeks on every browser I’ve tried.

I have identified the cookie with a 24 hour expiry to Steam support, but they just closed the ticket. Earlier, they locked the forum post that was discussing similar issues.

It used to work OK until Steam forced two-factor authentication, without which it’s impossible to post.

I don’t have the Steam client on the Android devices, as I only need it on the PC with the toolset.

A bit off topic here, I know, but any insight welcome…

Does anyone have persistent login to Steam Community from Android?


  1. Log on to the Steam Store web page
  2. Log on to the Steam Community web page

Tentatively, over a few days, log on then seems to persist for both Android and Windows (which is playing up again).

Each log on results in a separate verification e-mail (the codes are different).

It doesn’t seem to matter whether the Steam client is installed, logged in, or logged out.

On inspection, I can see that logging on to the Store completely changes the cookies that are available before and after logging on to the Community, though in theory they are independent.