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According to GameSpot Valve has released a full catalogue of when steam sales will run and their themes. So if you want to get NwN EE for less it looks like the period from March 16 - 23 (Spring Sale) will probably be your next chance. I suspect that GOG will match them too.


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I’ve not followed closely enough with NWN EE development vs the older NWN 1.69 other than to understand (I think) that modules created with NWN EE will not run under NWN 1.69 or earlier. Is that true? I also seem to remember posts that talked about forward compatibility (running NWN 1.69 modules under NWN EE) problems. It was too technical for my understanding of the details.

The gist of my question is: Is it useful to have NWN 1.69 along side EE for accessing older contributions on the vault?

What further motivates the question is that when I got EE from GOG, I got a copy of 1.69 included. it seems still to be the case.

Does Steam do the same thing?

Thing is I wonder if all the “non-working in EE” reports are accurate. You see, as a mod, I read all the NwN comments on the project pages and @Nails reports quite a few games that are broken (but not so much lately. @Nails is on 1.69 so it is quite possible that at least some of the won’t work in EE are actually just broken modules generally.

AFAIK, steam has nothing to do with 1.69/Diamond (I double checked by googling “steam neverwinter nights”). FWIW they do sell NwN 2 apparently though.


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Thanks! I’ll check out what @Nails has found.


Not essential for players.

Builders who have made 1.69 modules need to keep using the 1.69 toolset if they want to retain 1.69 players - if they switch to EE the modules will only be playable by EE players. For example, my older works are 1.69 - the newer ones are EE.

For players using EE, the issues with older modules are few. Most of those have workarounds, and EE tends to get patched eventually.

That said, once in a blue moon it’s handy for a savvy player to have 1.69 - if the module was made for 1.69, but hits a glitch in EE play, it sometimes help to open the save in 1.69, play around the quirk, then resume in EE. I did that quite a bit when testing EE development builds. Perversely, EE stamps all saves as EE, so you have to GFF edit the save version to 1.69 first. Caveat - this should never be attempted with a module made for EE.

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Looks like I was wrong about when GOG would have NwN EE on sale. Not next month but right now!

All NwN EE stuff to buy in case you are missing any DLC (DLC UK price in sale - £0.59 to £1.79 each)
NwN EE base game (Diamond edition equivalent) UK price in sale - £3.89
NwN EE Digital Deluxe (All DLC inc. Soundtracks) UK price in sale - £12.59

FWIW to buy the base game and all the DLC separately would cost UK price in sale - £14.38


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