Steampunk Gameworld Developement, Realm of Midland

Hello everyone!

So I often post on a few websites including a few facebook groups but as of 2017 i have been in development of a steampunk, Enhanced Edition, gameworld called “The Realm of Midland” (or RoM for short). It will be a roleplay action, dark themed, frontier world.

As of right now this new gameworld already includes new classes, sub races, new custom content assets, roleplaying dialogue elements, and a story line that effects the gameworld based on player choices.

What I will be doing here is sharing what I already have done, and finished, as monthly updates. If you simply can’t wait for an update, I have every bit of information you can find on my website instead:

Much of the world is greatly inspired by games such as Diablo to Fable to elder scrolls and novels and books of all kinds including fellow D&D campaigns such as the D&D 3.5 Steampunk Wild West Campaign Setting. These are just to name a few as I kind of gone in entirely my own direction but these have greatly been the inspirations behind this development.

To summarize: I currently have a server up and running, but it is in its early beta stages, so it will not be accessed to the public (yet). There will come a time when that happens but for now i will simply be sharing this content over the next month or so.

The current story thus far:

The setting takes place in the following year of 1611 m.y* in the country of Midland, a large continent within Acadias. Midland is a diverse landscape with many races, wild earthen animals and magical alike. All brought to the world by means of magical phenomenons known as the Myst: Large, sometimes dangerous, anomalies that dot the regions of Midland.

Description of Midland geography is best said as a lush vibrant all segregated by vast mountains. In between are often small feudal like societies that is often divided and irrigated for farming very similar to landscapes like an English, french, or medieval German countryside. In between these are large vast forests where often many wild life exist.

The era itself It is a progressive time similar to that of a European renaissance age. an age of exploration of innovation in industrial technology, education, health and military prowess. Castle’s often mark the spots of border’s and territories, while armies are used as deterrents against would-be invasions and upholding peace.

The plot so far:

The plot will take place in the Southern portion of Midland in the country of Meles (Pronounced: Muh~Lees) where the player will get to decide there race, back story, and a starting location. Each starting location will be based on a difficulty setting and a light story line before they decide where they want to go.

The primary goal of Midland is the exploration of the world and the discovery of its past. as Meles in particular holds many secrets in which the player will find on there journeys. In short it is an adventuring world, with classical dungeon’s and dangerous factions to fight… or even join. The idea is to want to shape and create your character around an established game world that moves ever forward.

Primary goals for the gameworld (IE my checklist)

Create an immersive rpg style gameworld with the following systems

[Done] NPC Reputation system

[Done] Socketed system

[Done] Revamped Core AI

[] Revamped Summons system

[Done] Random Loot Generator

[] Pre-Built Player Housing

[] Vuldricks Vampire System

[Done] Player Consequence & Action/ Bounty Hunter System

[] Player Banditry System (Become a bandit!)

[Done] Portal or teleport waypoint system (similar to diablo waypoint style)

[Done] In-Game Guilds and Factions

Here are a few things that are already currently in game! There is going to be loads of custom content assets for the game, each imperative to the world as i develop it

New Cannons specific to medieval European warfare

New creatures such as automated “steam powered” automobiles

Posters by Fable

Steam Trains

Content inspired by the Baroque architecture style of Europe (this being the lamps, and the garden itself, the structural buildings are by Zwerkules)

Authentic Printing Presses

Theres so much more to come and will be sharing so keep an eye out when it does!


I got around to a large update on the server today, and now completed a big chunk of stuff even including a surprise update.

Remember if you want to see all my updates and content and don’t want to wait for updates, just go to my webpage here:

First off i had abit of change of plans for the overall idea of the world itself, and worked on development of a new group: The Motanni. This group will be the druids and an indigenous group of people that are known to exist as travelers of the woods. These people are spiritually connected to the land, much like feys and elves and are keenly aware of what occurs around them in nature.

The village of Dahoga will be the main village containing several important npc’s, homes for players, and a means to join them.

I am also currently working on additional class system for the game!

These are currently working quite well and are even catered from its d20 modern origins to work with the vanilla classes. By far my favourite class is the Gunslinger with his ability to wield double pistols. The challenge here was figuring out how to still wield all the bioware content and still maintain the d20 animations that were crucial to the gunslinger and classes.

Each class is designed as a rp element but also cater towards allowing player’s to interact within the gameworld in different ways. A philosopher for example is a well literate individual who can produce scrolls than say a wizard or sorcerer can and so on. Some of these classes are more “down to earth” in that they don’t have many fantastical abilities but do make up for this in other ways. (more on that to come later!)

Lastly for today i will present something that I’ve already shared on here but just in case no one has seen it before…

Telegrams play an important role in Midland society. These will also be used by players to communicate with each other, but i havent quiet decided in what ways these will reflect around them.

and Trains!
What steampunk world would there be without trains? boring, thats what! This one is based on early inventions of the mid 18th century earth counterparts, the monorail on the other hand… I purely made that one up but it looks great! :slight_smile:

Progress is coming along very well, and quickly! I’d expect to finish sometime either this year or following the new year shortly there after.

For now enjoy the new content update and expect to hear back from me soon!


I have to say the Terria Tileset translates quite well for western themed projects. This is an early w.i.p of a future expansion, but I was so satisfied with the results, i just had to share it.

just remember if you want to know more about the project or don’t want to wait on project updates just go to my website: Midland-Steampunk Website

The mesas turned out really well and i still have alot more to go in touching it up, like id like to recede the fog back abit, add more flora and some cacti to finish off the aesthetics. If anyone is ever on the fence with this tileset perhaps this can persuade or change anyone’s mind.


Amazing Work Here - Keep it UP!

Thanks! i do alot of work on the project and im not at all going to ask for handouts either but if anyone wants to contribute to my project they are always welcome to. You can reach out to me via on the vault pm’s or through my email or reach out to me via my website.

In the meantime expect more feature updates of the world as it comes closer to its release day :slight_smile:


Hey everyone just wanted to post for some new content update today!

remember if you want to see any updates and dont want to wait just go to my website here:
Midland-Steampunk Website

The release of the Kings Road which spans the northern to eastern areas of Meles, is now open to the public! This region is the largest populated region in Meles showcasing Midlands finest example of an industrious society, including the Iron Horse Services, which will take players across the Kings Road.

This speedy means of transportation is sponsored in part by the Merchants Alliance Guild, who fund the latest technology straight from the Western Empire. Player’s will be able to use the shuttles as they purchase a ticket and sit comfortably as they rumble and shake across the highway to their destination.

All buses have a stop and a shuttle-stop guide where you can purchase tickets from. These individuals will also help you in case you miss your bus!!

When inside enjoy the coaches rumbles and listening to the coach driver of your stop

Also… you ever wonder why in some rpgs there were no baths or reasons to “stay clean”? no? me neither! but now we can.

Meles is a region presented with the idea of cleanliness and relaxation. Local bath houses are constructed to cater to the local people with bathmaids who, for a fee, will cleanse your body and clothes. They can be found in any area where a major road is constructed such as the Imperial road or the Kings Road. Simply look for the bath houses design with high fences.

Just remember even bathmaids need sleep so they will only be there to assist you during daylight hours.

anyways, thats it for the day, expect to see more update from me again!


I like where this is going with that Bath House…!

Reminds me of Kingdom Deliverance !

If you played KCD Just think what a bath… for two might entail then :wink:

A new addition to the background noise family: Cicadas! Those loud annoying lil buggers can now fill your ears with their ever so familiar singing as you walk around the crisp warm Westral Land’s with an extra large bug swatter

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awooooga! Beep! Beep! This is just a small update ive got for today, but i will be posting more as the development progresses on my website.

These will be a part of a set of three mounted (mountable?) cars available in the game on launch. Currently they are untextured, and need some touch ups (the dark smaller car has a seemingly high poly count)

The inspiration came to me when i watched someone play Epic Car Factory (this thing right here: and liked the idea if players could actually build their own cars


Content Update 1

I worked on the textures, some still need some touching up as they appear too dark or are wrong colours. I also had some fun and added three more cars to the group! All these motorwagons are recreations of real life early cars between 1894-1903-ish (years are debatable but close lol) from what i remember the cars are from (in no particular order) benz, daimler, panhard, Peugot, and Spyker


Content Update 2

I had a system crash a few days ago (blue screen of death! affraid ) and the custom content i had created ceased to work properly, so most of the cars i have made were scrapped and remodeled by hand. What it did though was allow me time to fabricate new content instead!

The A.A.W or Armored Assault Wagon is a newly developed Imperial Motorwagon created for the intent purpose of upholding sieges. These monstrous behemoths are dangerous, despite their lumbering speeds. They are produced en masse in large industries across the Rösgardian Empire.


The Quill is mightier than the Sword Update Edition

Remember if you want to see updates, or want to know more about the world or the server have a look here at my website:

I want to start focusing on the more roleplaying aspects of the game. Personally i feel the biggest thing any world should have is lore and how the player interacts with lore in general. This can go in any direction, but what i want to focus on is engagement or physical lore that is tangible or real in some aspects. When players begin their journey of discovering the history of the world, they will undoubtedly come across many books!

Books are a rather small but necessary tool of my world building structure. Each capable of telling the world history, but also to elude to its danger’s.

Everyone can choose to learn of dangers around them from hostile creatures and how to best handle them, to natural or artificial sites

How players choose to perceive is dangerous, or is helpful, is also entirely up to them. Meles is considered as a wild frontier country, and with this comes any opportunities for open expansion for lore!

In total there are 35 books as of this writing and more are being written by yours truly!

Thats it for the day, but be sure to keep an eye out for more updates on the way.


Content Update 4 - FINAL

After a long time, or nearly 4 weeks and some change, ive gone through several changes and failed models to conclude the final list below.

These are the final results, for the time being, as those prior to these models came with all sorts of performance issues. Ive learned alot from model making and I’m happy with the way these turned out.

In the future there can be more Car content updates, but for now these will be just for on-launch day of the server Very Happy Very Happy

Vehicles will be based on a skillset system, your drive skill. The higher it is the more likely you are to maneuver and not crash the vehicle or cause breakdowns.

Eventually i’d like to see if i can create a chassis model for car production, or a repair system but other than that Fuel and inner component systems will be non-existent for simplicity.

From Left: Taxi, Truck, car, Tank

Each car I refer to as a Unit , much like a Real-Time Strategy game these “units” come with their own uses that players can utilize to their own needs. Each automobile does not require any fuel, but does utilize your skillset.

They are based on the d20 modern driving system. This means each unit can operate via a player, and can have a passenger capacity related to that unit type (EX: Cars can carry a driver, and 2 passengers, Trucks a driver and 6 passengers) which requires the player tool wand, to operate.

Players who operate a vehicle will receive a manual. The manual is important as it tells the vehicle where to go, and what to do. I find this an interesting and fun idea, as it leaves the player to freely engage in role play while not having to handle the vehicle manually.

Vehicle operations are based on a set of your skills and how hard it is to operate them. Some vehicles, like tanks, or trucks, are difficult to use but are exceptionally strong while cars are easy to wreck but are faster to drive.

Taxis will, hopefully if it works out, will be used for easy transportation around the big city-scape just call out to one and they will operate to your needs.


Okay im going to be posting alot of content today. This is mostly to keep everyone up to speed on what Ive been doing with the project for the last three-four months.

Remember, if you ever want to see the latest current on-going’s, updates, announcements, history, lore, in-game screen-shots for the project and see what else i need to do to finish this server to go live visit my website:

April 16th Project

This project is considered Completed!

I worked on developing a more suitable high-end steampunk city, inspired by the victorian era. The city-set is designed from the d20 modern city set which i have thanks to their hard work and some of Zwerkules Medieval city-set and some of my own work.

The biggest inspiration is Studio Ghiblis interpretation of Howl’s Moving Castle. I enjoyed their take on a modern 20th century universe with a folktale mythos and magic. A nice Steampunk/clockwork universe that greatly inspired me to design a city of my own like Kingsbury from the film.

There’s alot of work ahead on this since this modern city tileset uses… alot of modern assets (air conditioners, neon lights, etc) I’m looking to take the tileset and work it backwards so it fits better with a theme. Hopefully if it all works out, i’ll have something substantial to show next time.

Content Update 1

I got around to retexturing alot of the city-scape, and did alot of work on adding new buildings to the mix.
Eventually I’d like to replace nearly 90% of the build, but we will see!

Ive also added one Victorian building for the time being, i may change the textures involved to better fit the environment, but there will be more to come.

Got around to adding new types of homesteads, one with a mansford style roofing. The far right will have a whole new set that will replace the tallest buildings.

Close-up of the Neo-Imperial design

Content Update 2

Street cars are in! These are moveable objects, and was unable to procure a decent Creature Model that worked best for me.

Anyways! I got enough of the content up and going that I’ve decided to begin work on the city. The city will be the Capital of Rossgarde, and the center-piece for the steampunk aspect of this universe. This will likely end up as a late-game area, but that can always change if need be.

Content Update 3

I believe this to be the final version of the city. I’ve added a couple of Zwerkules Medieval Buildings in for a European Flavor. If anything else comes up I will be posting it here.

The Main Streetways of the city are filled with the automobiles of the everyman. Everything from personal street cars to Commercial Wagons and Buses make their way across the busy city.

Some finalization and touchups. Ive been adding and playing around with the actual city-scape and added some Buntings around the city square.

addition of uphill objects for streets.

And some Street Bar,Tavern, Shops with glass mosaics


May 21 Project

This project is considered Completed!

Okay so some changes are coming in. I’ve decided that most of the work i’ve done from the begining although very good, still lacked something that I liked so i decided to change them up abit.

The trains will receive some newer wagons, 2 new ones in fact. Something that feels more appropriate to the world than what I had before.

Based on early carriage train designs these will be a sort of “backwards” version that won’t look as modern or victorian than what I had before.

A reason for why I’m doing it is I want to keep it as close to my image of Steampunk as possible. Meles is represented as a society that still appears more Renaissance in Earth Culture than it would be victorian or any other kind of steampunk universe. something close to a Clockwork steampunk and will heavily reflect this as i move forward.

The next upgrades one will be one of the train’s, and a couple new additions like a charcoal wagon, and a water tower (something that I had planned on wanting to add, just never got around to it)

I’d say after this I should be done with custom content and re-focus on the storyline and questlines. I sort of drited away from it, having some fun exploring new avenues for NeverWinter and now that I have done so will be finishing off the rest of the world.


June 15 Project

Content Update 1

Okay this will just be a simple verbal update. When something substantial comes along you know ill be sharing it!

I’ve been at work on the banditary system, it is going very well. When this system goes up it will be an alternative for bards, rogues, rangers, & druids to join. For the moment I am working to add additional A.I behavior for npc’s so they react accordingly to situations the Player will do.

The following behaviors will be in play once finished:

Snooping triggers - guards will be more alert to players when they enter places they are not suppose to be.

NPC Alarms - NPC’s will be more aware when players engage in criminal based activities (IE: opening guarded chests, doors, windows) and call out the guards.

Jail Time - It is exactly what it sounds like. If players get caught and are sentenced, they are put in jail to do their time. Jail time will result in loss of experience, much like if you died and respawned. depending on the situation, loss of items (and recovery) can occur. Jail breaks will also be a part of system.

Bounty Marks - This system may not go into play only due to how Neverwinters A.I system works it may become obtrusive to Players who choose to be vile, evil or murderous intentionally. If players get caught doing any sort of uncivil deed will receive a irremovable bounty slip.

These slips are marked to signal Town Guards to harass these players. If players exceed a set of marked slips they are either flagged as “shoot on sight”, or arrest on sight". Players with only a few slips will have options to persuade, bluff, or bribe there way out of a situation.

Mercenary NPCs- This is a w.i.p and may not come into play, but would very much would like for it to! The idea here is when a Player chooses to act vile, evil or murderous you risk getting a bounty placed on your character. NPC mercenaries are those who hunt players down for the retrieval of your bounty.

New Optional Dialogues - Im entirely unsure the scope of this since this can go all sorts of directions, but the idea is mostly targeted for those who join Rogue/Assassin Class Guilds. You’ll have the option of becoming an Outlaw, hold up commoners, rob stores, and commit heists toward other npcs

And thats it!