Steamworks tileset?

Just a quick curiosity question: is there a commercial module that made use of the Steamworks tileset? Or was it just put there for builders?

That’s a no then? Okay. I’m just performing a little artist’s study of what the tileset might look like with raised walls and a ceiling.

Pretty gloomy looking.


Afair the Steamworks tileset was only added to the core ressources in patch 1.69 so I don’t think it was featured in the OC or the 2 official expansions.

If it was used “commercially” at all then maybe in one or more of the Premium modules. I have played them all but honestly I don’t remember seeing it in one of those either.

But I think I remember that one of the HoF modules made good use of it:

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I’ve used it quite a bit and have often thought it would be better reskinned to remove the brick for modern space purposes. An improvement to it of this nature would be welcome.

The steamworks tileset appears in Infinite Dungeons, but I don’t know if it is used by any other Bioware/Premium module.


I set that aside for a while because after I did an export to a .mdl file using neverblender, I got an error trying to import it again. There’s some essential step I’m missing.

The Neverblender-exported .mdl file seems to be fine and I see the new additions, which seem to have the correct array sizes. However, when I try to import it I get the following error:

Any suggestions?

Seems like a bug in NeverBlender, could you upload the blend file somewhere? (of point me to an mdl where the same thing happens) I’ll take a look at it.

Seems like the number of tverts isn’t correct,

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Ah, okay. Here’s a copy:

Thanks for taking a look.

I think nwncq has a modified Steamworks tileset.

Ah yes, so it does. Kind of a barrel-vaulted dome look.

I found the issue: Some objects have multiple uv maps and NeverBlender exports all of those (EE support multiple uv maps). Some of those uvmaps are incomplete however, i.e. the faces reference tverts that don’t exist. Quick fix would be to delete those ones, only keeping the active ones.

I’ll adjust NeverBlender to import incomplete tverts/uv maps, as I suspect that issue might come up again in the future.

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