Steve Savicki / Trixter

I have been in and out of the community for the last year or so…
Today steve found my account at beamdog forums and asked to be able to upload projects again and promised to be nice and not comment and vote down projects.
Do we give him another chance?

Qutie a nice forums!

I don’t know if my say so means anything, but everybody deserves a second chance. Maybe he learned his lesson.

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I am also a fan of giving people second (and third and fourth… or as many as it takes) chances, in general.

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Sure. Let’s give him a second chance - everyone makes some mistakes from time to time, and shouldn’t be banned forever.

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As a general rule, it’s probably unwise to discuss banning decisions in public.

There might be very rare exceptions - for example, if there were a general feeling that a gross injustice had occurred.

However, normally, if someone is permanently banned for persistently ignoring the rules and lesser sanctions, the admins deserve our support (subject perhaps to some private discussion).

Though this thread has been entirely respectful, of course, as EE opens the doors to a wider audience, we must sadly recognise that there are trolls out there who might easily overwhelm the forum if second-guessing the admins were encouraged.


I do not believe anybody was casting a vote, but a question was asked. I am a person if you or anyone else asks for an opinion I will give one. I do remember Trixter’s scores on many modules and his comments. I also know he was repeatedly asked not to do such. I am not sure about everybody that has Admin duties on the Vault so I responded here. If Admin or Niv decide to keep him out that is up to you (that run the site).:v: