Stonehammer's Body Rebuild major update

Since posting Stonehammer's Body Rebuild | The Neverwinter Vault I have learned a few more things and have started a major overhaul of my body rebuild.
I will make sure it will be completely backwards compatible.

I not particularly fond of just adding tattoos and calling it a day, I made a lot of alternate body parts, based on the limitations of the basic phenotype and not a separate phenotype. Which means the new parts can usually be matched with regular clothes, and as with all my mods they will be for every race.

You have probably seen bits and pieces of them in my posted custom models.

Right now I am planning to add:

  • Very thin body parts
  • Very Muscular parts - combine a thin with a muscular part for that Popeye effect
  • Very Hairy parts - You can call it a Werecreature outfit
  • Very Scaly parts - Same as above but for reptilian.
  • Golem/Marionette parts - I saw a dwarf golem model in a hak but it was just a regular dwarf so I thought I should build a proper one.

To add or not to add… and this is a WARNING!
… pixel nudity!
I know there are a ton of nude haks already posted but as a classical painter/sculptor, I am particularly nitpicky with proportions and texture, and my nudes may make some people very uncomfortable.

I’m taking suggestions and comments. particularly from people that use my hak.


So far… Same creature different bodypart sets. Some are incomplete and the animal heads at the back are helmets. The one on the left is my base


These are cool. I want my next character to be a weremoose!

As for what you’re working on, I for one am OK w/ warning folks (which you did) and leaving them free to choose.

You can have a weremoose right now and make it fight a werebunny. I have submitted the head/helmet in the ccc

Moose head:

Fluffy furry neck and Bunny head:


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I think we need some quality classical nude parts as an option. If I recall correctly (and I haven’t looked in a long time), the male nude packs tend to be pornographic rather than Classical Greek. As for females, I think there is an opportunity for better quality pelvises as well. As for the female bust . . . I think that Herculo did a fantastic job back in 2005 and wish that someone would expand his work (pun intended) to cover all the new torsos since then.


Suggestion: Potbellies and pregnant women

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I will add that. I always thought having large as a separate pheno is a wasted potential on bizarre body combinations (like a Popeye arms). I usually round up my edges on my parts so they don’t look too spiky when combined and I like to keep things simple.
I will just adjust my large pheno parts and add it to the regular pheno.
I remade the torso with a symmetrical cylinder. Expanding the midsection should be easy enough for pregnant and potbelly parts.

Nothing extremely out of proportion. Here’s my bare bodies:


I am a big fan of knees and collar bones :smiley:


Beautifully done ! Maybe needs more hairy hands, hairy feet and fangs. I am in the Grymlorde club for that Classical greek nude look :wink: but what you have got is cool enough.

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Yes, I’d say it looks classical.