Stopping someone using a head

I know the title’s a bit weird but it makes sense.

I always use normal heads on my npc’s but in my latest mod there’s a custom one that I altered for a companion is there any way for it not to show up at the character creation screen ?

I’d put it in a hak and use two haks one for the first module and one for all the rest but the companion joins you in module one so I think I’m stuffed with that idea unless haks don’t show up at the start and only when you load a module. I haven’t made a hak yet so can’t test that theory.

It’s not a game breaker but it will look silly to have two of the same and wont make sense.

All ideas welcome.

Yes there is. All player races use models whose names start with p_
If for instance you don’t want head p_hh?_head16 to be available for players, just rename it n_hh?_head16 and choose n_human for your companion’s appearance.
The same goes for other races.


4760… Awesome, thank you !

All her hair fell out with the shock ! Not an issue I presume I just make a copy and N that too.

Exactly, N_Human uses “N_HH?_hair”. But if you want to be creative, you could create a new appearance in appearance.2da mixing body, head and hair from various types, as long as they all use the same skeleton.

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4760… I’m sticking with changing the MDB names it’s safer than me making whole new appearances for this module, maybe in the future but it’s working now so I’m not touching it again.

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For reference heads are player selectable until there is a gap in the ID numbers. Putting a higher ID number stops the player from selecting them. It’s really dumb it’s not a 2da file which could have a toggle for player-selectable or not (since there are some races with a lot of NPC heads really close to the PC range).

Jasperre… I don’t think I understand what you mean because the head in question is number 54 and I changed no 2da just the looks of it and the number but I can select it, how did that happen ?

Weird, I know there are gaps in the list I have and I don’t remember having met this issue.

It might be a non human thing which makes it… Racism !

Dammit replying with NWN1 info to a NWN2 thread, sorry guys! dumbass here.

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Back again ! I’m having issues with this, the character in question keeps on disappearing and becoming unselectable in the area contents but is hiding inside another npc’s body. They sort of merge together and bits of her can be seen from different angles ! When I first made her I could dress her up in the armor set window but after closing it and opening it again she’s invisible.

If I swap the appearance from N_human to Human she jumps out of the other npc’s body, appears again and is fully selectable. I am using custom armour so could this be the issue ? In which case Ill have to give up on the whole idea because this is a companion and could be wearing anything.

Could you send me the character in question (head + body) causing this? What you describe usually comes from missing COLS (collision spheres) in the mdb, or the head COLS wrongly sized.
Also, it may come from the renamed head missing its dedicated skeleton (n_hh?_skel16.gr2 in the example I took a few posts ago).

I haven’t changed a body just the head and hair, could that be what is causing the issue ?

All I did was copied and renamed the head and hair mdbs with an N istead of a P. Then changed the character appearance to N_Human. It shows up fine to start with but then goes horribly wrong.

If it’s a body thing this could get really messy as I’ve changed her naked base model too !

If there was a p_hh?_skel16.gr2 file provided with Head16, just copy/rename it n_hh?_skel16.gr2
If there wasn’t any, copy p_hh?_skel01.gr2 from (in NWN2 installation folder) to your override and rename it n_hh?_skel16.gr2 (again, “16” here is the example I chose, replace it by whatever head number you need).

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4760… I’ll give it a go, thanks.

This might explain quite a bit… I was using mdb cloner so had no skeleton option, I’ve downloaded mdb config but it has no exe or run function is there a secret for getting it to work ?

I tried going straight to the mdb file and using “open with” went to the mdb config but it just opened the folder and said “no items match your search” on a blank window so I haven’t got a clue how it works.

It’s because @rjshae programmed it in Java, so you’ll definitely need to have it installed on your system (
Or just share the head and hair you need converted and I’ll take care of it, in case you don’t want the JVM on your machine.


4760… I think you’ll be getting a package soon for Xmas !

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I added a note to the MDBConfig web page in order to clarify the requirement. Thanks.