Storytellers Module Area Prefab

For the first time in ages I’m going to actually upload something.

And like some other contributions it is salvaged from a module I’ve been working on (since before EE came out). Some months ago I started a very demanding job and realized that until I quit or get fired I won’t be able to find enough time to seriously work on my adventure so I decided to salvage it and the areas where the easiest to do because I started working on the mod mapping my whole small world out: The Fog Coast.

This will be a prefab package with 50 areas including lots of exteriors and several interiors - as well as “blank” exterior maps with different topographies. All exterior areas are made with the “Castle Exterior, Rural” tileset and most building interior areas are made with the “Fort Interior” tileset. It will not include the harbor village and city yet but there are still a fishing village, a trading post and several inns to give the PC places to fetch quests, trade and sleep.

Every single tile in every single area is edited by hand to avoid landscape repetitions and the areas include hand-picked loading screens, music, ambient sounds and lighting.

What I hope to achieve with this package is the same as with all my former work: To provide module builders - especially beginners - with prefabs they can use right out of the box or edit to their liking without having to do all the legwork themselves. And I want to add that since this was supposed to be my own module all design decisions ONLY reflect how I wanted my areas to look like, NOT how I think other builders modules should look like. I originally used some but there will be no haks included in this prefab, just vanilla pre-EE 1.69 so every builder can add CEP/PQ or other haks on top.

The prefab package will include a pdf where every single area is pictured and since I am already taking the screens for that, I thought I post them here for some final feedback before I wrap up the whole thing for christmas.

Coast - High Road

Coast - Low Road

Coast - River Delta

Everything water will also have the necessary sounds for flowing streams, water lapping at the coast and waterfalls.

Coast - Lakeside Keep

If there are buildings, all doors are included (even those the PC will probably never reach or even see) and in most cases a single door leads to an interior area while all other doors set to “locked” with “key needed” and “plot”. The door transitions are all complete with loading screens. The interior areas consist of a single room with only the most obvious placeables and are as close as possible shaped to fit the outside of their building.

There is nothing random, the interiors are lit or unlit depending if the building is supposed to be inhabited or abandoned and every tile has the lighting edited by hand to reflect that. I might have missed some but theoretically there should be no corner left that is oddly lit in red/blue/green. For room features like lit mantlepieces or braziers also the sounds are placed.


Here are the rest of the coastal areas:

Coast - Abandoned Lighthouse

Coast - Fishing Village


Coast - Secluded Cove

Coast - Hill Stream

Coast - Trading Post

Coast - Haunted Tower


So far, so good. What weather settings did you select or did you stay with the default muggy?

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One of the goals for my mod was a “borderless” world where the player never sees any kind of borders.

Because of that I have this 3-tile border around the areas and the Z-shaped exits where the area transition is supposed to be at the inner end of the Z.

I also kept the fog - although with different colours than vanilla - and didn’t use skyboxes for the same reason. And the nights are pitch black. As I said in my first post, these are all my personal preferences.

I am already working on a 4-area demo which will be included in the upload but I can provide a download link just for the demo in this thread as well.

And here are the rest of the castles and keeps:

Woodland - Abandoned Keep

Woodland - Border Keep

Woodland - Hill Castle

Woodland - Moat Castle

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I’m nearly done making everything ready for the upload. Here is the rest of areas that include buildings;

Woodland - Bridge Inn

Woodland - Crossroads Inn

Woodland - Farmland

Woodland - Toll Bridge

Woodland - Ruined Monastery

Woodland - Wizards Tower


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This all looks amazing. These kinds of prefabs - although rarely on this scale - are what enable other mods and full campaigns to thrive, and sometimes even to exist. I owe the existence of my (still running) weekly campaign to Anachrodragon and Londerwost’s City of Westgate prefab and look forward to taking a look at this package once it’s uploaded.

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Here is the rest of the Woodland road areas:

Woodland - Hill Road

Woodland - Hill Crossroads

Woodland - River Bridge

And here are the Wilderness areas:

Wilderness - Druid Circle

Wilderness - Cave

Wilderness - Cult Site

Wilderness - Spring

Wilderness - Barrows
The Barrows area is different from others. Throughout the whole prefab each building or terrain feature is only used once while the Barrows uses several terrain features 3-4 times each. Also there are 3 area transitions to the interior map which includes 3 different interior areas.

Any update on this? Would like to publicize it as a resource for campaign builders.