Strref errors

I’m trying to build my first module using some Custom Content.
My setup:
Diamond edition upgraded to 1.71 CEP 2.65 Win10

When I load up the CEP haks in order per the 2.65 hak order.txt, bringing up properties of any npc gives me a strref error, and the npc does not show up when testing. Actually this happens whenever the 2.60 tlk file is in use.

I am not using any other haks at this time.

If I am using the only the CEP, do I have to do the whole 2da merger thing. I tried using the 2daAutomanager, but nothing happens. I am having a hard time finding clear documentation WITH step by step examples. Documentation that I have found only says merge lines of items that don’t match.

I am not a programmer, any help would be appreciated.


The creatures do show up when testing. I was trying to implement Ivodon Persistent Inn System, and the innkeeper is not showing up, so that is probably something to do with his system not working.

However, all creatures, standard and custom, produce StrRef errors when accessing the properties in the toolset. This even when using nothing but the 2.65 Starter Module and its default area. If I remove the TLK file I no longer get these errors.

Isn’t the TLK required?
Are these errors important?
How else can I resolve them?


Ran 1.69 Critical Rebuild, reinstalled patch 1.71, reinstalled CEP 2.65.
Did this multiple times in various orders, eventually fixed it.

Also was able to get the Inn running correctly by changing the sCampaignName string to not have an underscore in it.

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