Sublime Text NWScript package

Hello modders !
I’ve written a few years ago a Sublime Text package for NeverwinterScript, and the last few weeks have been very productive, as I implemented a bunch of new features:

  • A smart build tool to re-build all needed scripts in a given directory. Internally it builds a dependency graph for find all scripts to re-build when a library has been updated. It also takes advantage of multi-core processors as it distributes the tasks across multiple compiler processes.
  • Improved auto-completion:
    • Fixed some bugs for functions and constants completions
    • Library completions for #include
    • struct completions
    • Documentation popups when selecting symbols and validating completions, with some additional warning for badly behaving NWN2 functions
  • Linux support, as always :slight_smile:

Here’s a shiny gif as illustration:

See the Github page for installation instructions, and complete feature list:
For those already using the package, it should be automatically updated to the latest version (please check the package settings in Preferences -> Package settings -> STNeverwinterScript -> Settings)

I don’t check the forum very often, but I’ll try to come more frequently in the coming weeks. You can also reach me through the Discord server, where I’m much more responsive :wink:

Happy coding !