Subrace engine indefinate load

Okay I am at my wits end here…I dunno what is causing this and how to fix this so I am having the following issues:

  • Shayan subrace system waits to load indefinetly

Other issues

  • Module shows corrupt error
  • Unable to get off my horse by using the conventional means

Can anyone shed some light on this issue?

when you start modding the game certain things, like haks for example, will ruin your module such as removing the radial horse menus or prevent them from working altogether.

Your best chance is to not ever start putting everything you like into your main and instead run tests before you put them in, and even then you should have a test module of your main just in case these sorts of things happen.

Worst case scenario is you’ll corrupt the module and start over. I can’t say I ever had that issue anymore since moving onto E.E however so good luck!

thanks, yeah I luckily am making copies of copies cause of this. I just ran into this issue once I imported a new hak. Guess that will be done once I am generally done XD

thanks so much for the info though! <3

so, apparently I cannot add anything to the PW or this keeps happening. So I will just ask the question here: Is there a way to check what the bug is or how to fix it? Since I would hate to start over from scratch…

I got several backup files but this just means I cannot add anything to the module at this point. Which I REALLY hate. So is there a way to actually debug it?

Maybe someone else can help you with this, but I suggest doing a rundown of anything new you recently added in and remove it to see if that fixes your problem all the way until the problem goes away. Thats how I used to fix those issues and moving forward something I did myself and learned from. If youre at a point of no return i might suggest not trying to cram alot of content into a module in the future and expect them all to behave together.