Suddenly color palette is wonky

The module I’ve been working on for a long time suddenly has a buggy color palette. When I go to change the color of the npc’s skin, eye color, hair… anything to do with the color palette, the face and body parts will turn chrome/silver. Same with clothing… changing the color of any part of the clothing will turn the entire thing silver. When I exit from editing the character or item, it will look normal again which is strange. I haven’t changed anything since the last time I opened the toolset so idk what’s causing it. I use custom haks so I’m wondering if there was an update on steam that changed something? Any ideas? Using Enhanced Edition.


I believe this is a known toolset bug introduced by release 8193.35.

At any rate, it has been reported a few times, and happens to me in vanilla modules.

The exact symptoms vary - colours other than silver sometimes.

The good news, as you discovered, is that the underlying data is still correct, so everything looks OK when re-opened.

Also, I noticed the other day that the problem seems to go away if you edit one NPC after another (or maybe I was just lucky).

I doubt whether the developers have put a timescale on the next release though they might be working on it.

You might find it in the bug list on the Discord channel “NWN Developer Chat” though there are a lot of posts to wade through.

Thank you so much for clarifying! I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something I did unintentionally. I will definitely try the editing back to back to see if I can get it to clear up. :slight_smile:

Pstmarie has made an interim fix for this: Toolset Rendering Clothing/Helmet Fixes for Base Game Models | The Neverwinter Vault