Suggestion for a Toolset improvement

It would be incredibly handy to be able to organize the navigation trees on the left side of the toolset by adding and using our own folders. Specifically, the Scripts tree. Should be able to create a folder and move scripts into it. Could then keep all NESS scripts together, all OnEvent scripts together (by Object, if desired), all conversation scripts together, etc. I realize that it’s possible to organize simply by good naming practices, which I’m particular about, but the list gets to be pretty long after awhile.

Too, script packages on the vault could easily be placed in their own folder to easily identify what script goes with what system, as uploaders do not always follow good naming conventions.

Dunno if this has any chance of being seen by someone at BD, but throwing it out there just in case.

Worth suggesting this on the Beamdog forum - though similar ideas are currently iceboxed.

That’ll make a mess with the include paths. Also, what if you have a script with the same name in two folders? Perfectly legal on the filesystem once you have folders.

Then there is the 16-character length limit…

Those folders could be simply used for display purposes. Internally the script list would still be flat to avoid such filename clashes. OP’s suggestion would also allow script list to be folded, reducing amount of scrolling needed.

On a side note, I really wished there was a way to pass parameters to scripts from dialogue. That would significantly reduce both the script count and module loading times.

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