Suggestions for quick but exciting MP modules?

Some here will know that at present we are working with a Games Design class in a Secondary school in Scotland. We are using the toolset as a way of meeting the requirements of the Games Design award and it is going fairly well. (If anyone is remotely interested they can follow the trials and tribulations in my blog).

However, I now find myself moving into uncharted waters, due to putting this off continually. We have promised the kids ( 14/15) that we will give them the last week before Christmas to have a look at MP and will divide them into groups to take on modules ( or even each other I suppose).

My issue is that I’ve never played MP and our needs are fairly specific. The module(s) we choose will have to allow sufficient progress in an hour and a half ( so no training academies like the OC), have plenty of combat but also not be too hard ( I’m guessing most will scale according to the level of the group - which will be 1) and have scenery other than a dim dungeon.

For me, I’d love it to have at least the shell of a story and some characterisation but then the teacher would say that . . .

specific questions:

  1. Any module spring to mind ? Would have to be available on the Vault as we’re working with school IT network here and I can’t even get permission to wipe my nose, never mind venture out onto the interwebbie thing.

  2. We have MP codes. If we’re downloading the module from the Vault and putting it into everyone’s module folder ( are we?) how many can play it at the same time ?

  3. Now that I’ve established my credentials in the knowing nothing department, can two groups play the same module at the same time in different games?

  4. Would I be better creating a short module for them to play? Do normal encounters scale up for MP games?

  5. Any pitfalls I’ve not thought of?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Hi jimdad55,

Coding for MP is a lot harder than SP, and I would hazard a guess that some may be reluctant to say a module is MP compatible due to a large number of issues that can come about if not considered properly.

So, even though someone may say “It should work MP”, unless it has been tested to be such, then I would be dubious. I speak from experience.

Now, I would like to have recommended my own NWN1 module, but I suspect it is too extreme (outside the normal NWN1 parameters) to qualify. i.e. It changes much of the mechanics, and your students may be “lost” if they are used to standard module types.

To answer your other questions, here is my understanding (and how I have done it) …

  1. All players should have the files, but I don’t think they are all used on each machine, as the “host” player normally serves the files required. I am just saying have them on each because I don’t know for sure which files are and are not required.

  2. Then one player acts as the host and other players “join” the host game. The host can support as many players as the module was designed to “play/serve”.

  3. Two groups could play the same module at the same time, if two players acted as independant hosts serving two groups, but you would need to ensure your network is setup properly so the two groups do not conflict. (I have never had to consider this as I only ever served one group as me as the host.)

  4. See my previous comments about coding for MP. It is much more tricky than you may first realise, especially with relation to conversations and transitions. However, you may get away with coding a very basic mod, but I would not like to comment.

Maybe my blog and this post will help guide you:-

And if you really want to see a NWN 1 module that has been programmed for MP, and nothing else is forthcoming, then you could try taking a look at my NWN1 module Soul Shaker, but I have warned you that it is very different. However, it has been proven to work MP, as I played it myself with my wife and a friend: -

For the record, my latest NWN2 module is also MP compatible, but I guess you do not have NWN2.

Cheers, Lance.

Here’s a link to the Neverwinter Connections curated MP (no DM required) mod list, which contains Vault links for all of the modules:

On that list and looking at your criteria, I can personally vouch for IAT1: Time Becomes a Loop, The Cup of Akbar, and The Vethboro Dragon as being ones which might work for you. Each of them works best with small parties, you can look at the descriptions for details.

Something non-traditional is The Pillaging of Waycrest, which is a 30-minute timed co-operative game that is very well done. I’ve run it several times on NWC and it can be played solo as well. The Light Reborn PvP has also been run a lot with success, although I haven’t played it.

If you haven’t done multiplayer in NWN:EE before, you might also find these two guides of value, as they walk you through the technical requirements and new in-game experience:

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@Lance_Botelle, @Carlo, many thanks guys. A wealth of information there in answer to my questions- probably cut my blundering around by about 80% :clap:t2::ok_hand:

I’ll reread and try out all these suggestions later today.