Summon Familiar Script Call? (RESOLVED)

Does anyone know where/how the “Summon Familiar” script is called?

At first glance, I thought it was as obvious as the feat Familiar (303) calling spell script 318, which is spell script NW_S2_Familiar.

However, I have tried editing this script with debug and nothing appears to affect it.

The script uses the function SummonFamiliar(), which I also found in a heartbeat script, but it appears to do nothing their too. i.e. I placed debug next to the same function, but there was still no feedback.

So, has this been deprecated to hard code somehow … or have I missed something obvious?

Thanks in advance.

i put a line of debug in nw_s2_familiar and it showed in chat as expected

not sure what’s up,

Could there be a rogue script in /override or .hak or somewhere?



Thanks for confirming this … this is rather strange then … I’ll try a toolset shutdown and restart to make sure all files are “reset”.

I don’t believe I have any files in override or any hak, especially, of this nature, but will double check … I’ll let you know if I find anything or have a result. :slight_smile:


UPDATE: After restarting the toolset, the debug worked. :hushed: These kind of results are very frustrating … so thank you for getting me to double check … I must remember to just try that first in future.

Thanks again!