Summon Scripts

I was wondering what scripts the summoned creatures use. They do not seem to use the basic henchman scripts.
Is there a good way to find out?

Summons are spells. Look in spells.2da. Example row:

317   Summon_Animal_Companion             5339    ife_animal        V        S       s      0x00        0x0c         NW_S2_AnimalCom

nw_s2_animalcom is the script that’s called to summon animal companions as referenced in the last column of the example.

Sorry, I think I misinterpreted your question! Ignore everything I ever say.

The standard scripts for summoned creatures (and horses) are

OnBlocked: nw_ch_ace
OnCombatRoundEnd: nw_ch_ac3
OnConversation: nw_ch_ac4
OnDamaged: nw_ch_ac5
OnDeath: nw_ch_ac7
OnDisturbed: nw_ch_ac8
OnHartbeat: nw_ch_ac1
OnPerception: nw_ch_ac2
OnPhysicalAttacked: nw_ch_ac5
OnRested: nw_ch_aca // this script doesn’t exist
OnSpawn: nw_ch_ac9
OnSpellCastAt: nw_ch_acb
OnUserDefined: nw_ch_acd

Thank you!

What script defines how long the summoned creature stays (aside from death) before unsummoning?

nw_s0_summon - the spell script sets the duration. Default is 24 hours.

Thanks PsteMarie. I don’t see that script in the available script list. I’m trying to get the time the summoned creature stays down to a round/level. The script is running perfect in another module but in the module I’m now trying to add it to, I don’t see that script to edit. is it not supposed to be visible?

There’s an option when you look for scripts to open that let you choose from where you want to open it . You have to enable the option that lets you edit base game files.

Then when you save it, it creates a new instance of that script in the module files.

Thank you. I did that in the ‘Scripts’ section of the module but I didn’t see the nw_s0_summon script. I did see several of what Proleric referenced in this string but not that one. Where would I go to find that option to look?

Another question, does that script address summoned familiars or just summoned creatures (monsters)?

nw_s0_summon opens for me in the toolset. Not sure why it won’t for you.

The script just addresses summoned creatures. Familiars and animal companions don’t have a duration, they stick around until you unsummon them - which, I believe, is hardcoded.

Gotcha. Mine must be module-exclusive as I looked at two others I have and both have that script visible and editable. That makes sense about the summoned familiars, just didn’t know if they were treated the same way.